Sun, Jul 12, 2020

THE FIRST DRAFT OF PERMANENT CANNABIS regulations was released by California regulators on July 13, opening a 45-day window for public comment and hearings. Emergency rules, in place since sales started on January 1 this year, will remain in place until the regular rulemaking process is complete, according to Chief Lori Ajax at the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Industry advocates and opponents will have a chance to voice opinions in 10 public meetings held around California in August. Public comments can also be submitted through mail or email.

The regulations, while imperfect, will help stabilize the industry, according to Cannabis lawyer Joe Rogoway. “Largely these will be the rules, and they will be what the industry lives in the future” Rogoway said. “So, I think it’s important that people working in this space have fluency in these rules and use that to better their companies.”

The regulations run 315 pages and show considerable changes compared to earlier emergency rules. One change prohibits the use of advertising techniques that may attract minors, including the use of toys or cartoon characters. Free Cannabis goods or giveaways would also be prohibited under the changes.