Tue, Aug 4, 2020

THE LATEST VERSION of a federal drug use study shows monthly Cannabis use continues to rise among older Americans. As of 2017, Americans from 55 to 64 are more likely to use weed on at least a monthly basis than youths from 12 to 17.

Seniors 65 and older are also smoking pot in increasing numbers, according to the study. In the mid-2000s, monthly pot use among this groups were almost zero. But last year, 2.4 percent of seniors used weed every month, and nearly 4 percent used it at least
once a year.

Federal data showed that Cannabis use among middle-aged Americans surpassed teen use several years ago. Many of the middle-aged users are returning to pot a few years after drifting away from it. With the wave of legalization occurring just as Baby Boomers enter their golden years, many of them are revisiting some of the experiences of their youth.

More than 20 percent of pot users 65 and older said a physician had recommended they use Cannabis, according to a recent study by Benjamin Han and Joseph Palamar of New York University. Medicare prescriptions for opioid painkillers are lower in states with medical marijuana programs.

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