Tue, Aug 4, 2020

THE COMBINATION of the best Cannabis extraction technology and the craft of growing hemp creates a concentrate that is unique and stands out as the future of CBD dabbing. This Cherry Wine CBD Live Resin is made from hemp and is a first for the Leaf!

A beautiful golden amber with a thick consistency of crystally oil, we were blown away by this concentrate experience. Processed from locally grown strain specific hemp as a live resin, this golden extract has no added terpenes or flavors, and is the essence of the plant and bursting with CBD.

Dabbing or smoking true hemp is an enlightening and uplifting experience that can’t be compared to typical isolates. Using isolates for topicals or edibles brings relief, but dabbing them is a no-go for seasoned consumers.

What makes the Cherry Wine so special is the full spectrum hash high, bringing the hemp plant into a new category of delicious dabbing. Dropping a healthily sized dab onto a diamond knot delivers an easy melt and a smooth, lightly sweet smoke that is extremely satisfying to dab.

The best part of consuming full spectrum hemp hash is the effects. Relief begins on exhale, with a tingly body high that loosens joints and fills the body with a glowing euphoria. Stress and the static of life seem to melt away as the mind eases into the CBD, which has noticeable effects for several hours.

While there is no psychoactive high, there is a definite sense of well-being and a happy, pain-free bliss that takes over the body and mind. Perfect for starting, ending, or really any part of the day, this concentrate is a perfect way to enjoy dabbing without getting overly high.

We hope to see more hemp processing in the future and applaud Doc Molecule for bringing this special product to market. With tons of medicinal value and a satisfying, tasty dab experience, this concentrate represents a new world of craft hemp extracts. Look for the Cherry Wine and other full spectrum hemp extracts at your local Cannabis retailer or hemp store!

90.75% CBD

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