Tue, Aug 4, 2020

Born and raised in Oregon, Emmett Fraser is a big fan of sports, hip hop and photography. When he hit high school, he began driving his cousin, who had undergone multiple brain surgeries to remove cancerous tumors, to one of the few early medical co-ops in Portland.

It was here that Fraser learned to love and respect the plant and understand it as more than a commodity. After high school, Fraser helped with a number of medical grows while working in corporate sales positions and starting a couple businesses of his own. He was one of the original hires for Dope Magazine’s Oregon division, and spent over two years helping develop their program in-state and nationally. Since then, he has focused his energy on his family and building the infrastructure for his new project: D’Luxe Concepts. We caught up for a smoke and to learn what qualifies Fraser as our Stoner Owner for October!

when did you first begin using Cannabis?

I first started using Cannabis in high school, maybe 14 or so. Growing up in Oregon I never knew how spoiled we were until I started traveling and realized Cannabis wasn’t as good or as readily available everywhere else.

Can you tell us about the D’luxe brand?

D’Luxe Concepts started out as a product development group oriented towards, but not specific to, the Cannabis industry. It has since developed to encompass the rapidly growing hemp sector of the market with the launch of our most recent brand D’Luxe Hemp Company. We are committed to developing and launching products with an emphasis on quality over quantity. I am a firm believer that overproduction and lack of quality control can kill a brand, or at least their reputation.

Why did you decide to cofound a hemp company?

It’s kind of funny, really. After working in the industry for a number of years, I watched partnerships form and dissolve every other month. I was specifically not looking to partner with any new company with Cannabis market in Oregon as unstable as it has been. It came down to finding the right partners, a couple of guys that shared my passion for quality as well as my desired approach and we’ve been rocking since. We all have our own lanes and it’s essential that we stay in them.

Photo By Daniel Berman

What has been the most challenging aspect of building a career in Cannabis for you?

Being flexible. These industries, both hemp and Cannabis, will beat you up. They will throw you curve balls and they will sweep the legs. Being ready and anticipating the shifts before they come, or at least know the shifts are coming is key. With the ever-changing regulations on recreational Cannabis and the massive demand for CBD, you have to stay on your toes.

this is a tough biz. What keeps you motivated?

My partners and I have a mantra that we live by, “No Market for Mids.” This can be applied to all products and services but holds a special place in this industry specifically. The market on the Cannabis side is proving to be a sprint to see who can pump out the most product for as low a production cost as possible. We have a different approach. Oregon has the opportunity to be the Cognac or the champagne of the Cannabis industry if we play our cards right. We are a connoisseur market from craft beer/wine to culinary, and even coffee. Oregonians will support premium products, so why settle for mediocrity? Once federal regulations change, people all over the country and maybe the world will be asking for quality, Oregon made products, not to say they aren’t already.

How do you like to use cannabis and why?

I’m a Backwoods guy for sure. I have been known to smoke the occasional joint too, but blunts are where it’s at. Something about the ritual of rolling a blunt will always be nostalgic to me. The process is half the experience.

Instagram: @DLUXE.LIFE

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