Wed, Aug 12, 2020

Over 8 years into this, northwest leaf has a fresh look and renewed focus in a changing cannabis world. We want to thank each and everyone of our readers for their loyal support and continued belief in the journalism we create.

When I first started on the concept of Northwest Leaf all the way back in 2010, I had three internal company goals. To make a 100 page magazine, to provide financially for my family and team, and to make it to 100 issues. We found success with our model of free, independent Cannabis journalism. I was able to accomplish the first two goals within a matter of years, but then the daunting reality of the third goal set in.

To make it to 100 issues is a milestone for any publication, and I can hardly express the pride and excitement I have in making it here. Over the last 100 monthly issues we have covered the beginning of medical Cannabis, the patients helped by the plant, the pioneers who risked prison for pot, and the beginning of a multi-billion dollar industry. We’ve lobbied to legislators, seen medical Cannabis rise and fall, and witnessed first-hand the benefits and consequences of regulated legalization and a lack of decriminalization.

Through all the change, we have remained steadfast in our mission. Our mission to provide truthful Cannabis journalism, independently and without the influence of big corporate backers or greed, continues to this day with one core hope: to see Cannabis and Hemp as free plants for the benefit of humanity and our planet.It is with this perspective we have decided to shift from The Patient’s Voice to The Enlightened Voice as we continue to spread the plant, and the Leaf. While we will always fight for medical Cannabis and continue to serve as a resource of information for patients, we are expanding to serve all users of Cannabis with enlightening information. We have been working on our new look, a new website, Leaf Life podcast, regional issues, new story sections and much more to serve you, our reader.

The best part of this milestone for Leaf Nation and Northwest Leaf is that we are only just beginning! Like the world around us, we are evolving and growing to help serve our readers, community and country at large as we work to end prohibition and the war on drugs. It is on this note that I want to thank every single person who has ever helped or read Northwest Leaf. And the companies that have supported us, small and large — many from the early days that are no longer here–all helped fund and support each issue of the Leaf.

When you advertise in the Leaf, you support your own brand, but also independent and positive Cannabis journalism. So thank you for reading, for sharing our view that Cannabis and Hemp are for the people, and remember to speak that truth to those in your life. We look forward to growing with you as we collectively make the world a better place to live.