Sat, Aug 8, 2020

Washington state regulators are reevaluating Cannabis edibles, and could ban production of fruit chews, Colorful Chocolates, and other candies which “might appeal to children,” reports the Seattle times.

Some cannabis-infused candies could start disappearing from pot shop shelves across the state early next year.

The Washington state liquor and cannabis board announced during an October meeting that it will “reevaluate” all edible marijuana products. The move is part of an effort to cut back on edibles that could be appealing to children.

Washington already has rules banning products that are “especially appealing to children.” but the board seems to have received complaints from some unhappy people claiming that candies currently sold in the state’s pot shops could entice youngsters, according to WSLCB spokesman Brian Smith. When the board investigated the complaints, “they too had concerns,” Smith said.

The agency could strip approval from some candies already on store shelves, according to the presentation.

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