Tue, Aug 4, 2020

THe Maryland medical cannabis commission in December Voted unanimously to ban billboard, radio, tv, and most online advertising by marijuana companies. Representatives for the companies said they would fight the move in the Maryland General Assembly when it convenes next month, reports The Baltimore Sun.

The new rules also ban advertising in newspapers and magazines that cannot prove that 85 percent of their audience is over 18 years old. Leaflets and flyers are also banned in most public and private places.

Internet ads must be accompanied by an age-verification page that users have to answer. Cannabis advocates claim that essentially bans online ads, since there’s no way to verify accurate ages.

The commission’s move comes just as Maryland’s medical cannabis industry is rapidly growing.

“This is a total ban on advertising,” said Mackie Barch, chairman of the Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association. Barch said the commission banned advertising in response to the concerns of just two state lawmakers who got upset about a single billboard on Route 50 depicting Adam and Eve smoking a joint.

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