Thu, Jul 9, 2020

If the weed world had a celebrity tabloid section, True OG would constantly be in the headlines as a classic, award-winning indica strain with incredible flavor and personality.

The idea behind A-List Cannabis is luxury strains from a top shelf brand, and they deliver with the True OG from their Seattle-based garden. This flower is absolutely stunning, with dense nugs tipped in purple and completely coated in frosty trichomes. Right out of the jar the flower bursts with intense flavors that fill a room and rush into the mind. Strong notes of sour, earthy kush are heightened by bright, piercing, lemon-diesel-fuel notes that tickle the nose and tease of heady flavors to come.

Snapping open a bud leaves fingers sticky and smelling of OG gas long after the sesh is over, with a well done cure that exemplifies the best qualities of the True OG.

As a denser, high-resin content bud, it’s crucial to execute the cure for the best smoke — and A-List clearly takes care from start to finish. Right down to the quality glass jar for storage, our only complaint is that it hides the beautiful buds within.

True OG delivers thick, sharp and intense clouds of smoke that’s easy on the lungs, but aggressive on the body and mind. From the first hit it’s clear that the effects are coming, as the heavy indica waves crash in the mind and melt into the extremities. The smoke is full of the delicious flavors that ooze from the flower, and it burns slowly with a clean white ash at the end. With a high that stacks with multiple hits and lingers for several hours, it’s perfect for relaxing an afternoon away, and for those needing heavy indica effects for pain or stress.

A great way to cut through Seasonal Affective Disorder or brighten an otherwise rainy day, the True OG by A-List is a powerful high, packed with flavor and waiting to be smoked. Look for True OG at your favorite dispensary!


21% THC  .18% CBD

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