Wed, Aug 12, 2020

IN THE WIDE WORLD of CBD products to choose from, we like to find companies that are locally owned and operated, and Azure CBD is a family owned and Northwest operated company.

The team behind Azure is focused on delivering high quality CBD products that deliver consistent, quality Cannabinoids (their background dates to the medical Cannabis days).

With a full line from isolates to tinctures and capsules, we decided to try out a tincture and their infused coconut oil and give them a try!

Azure offers tincture in a variety of potencies and sizes, including the option for full spectrum hemp oil or isolate infusions. Their hemp is non-GMO and sourced responsibly, and the full spectrum tincture offer a more rounded medicine for those seeking CBD treatment. Made with a vegan base and no artificial flavors or sweeteners, the tincture is as close to natural as it gets. Lightly sweet, the drops taste of hemp with notes of pine and earthy plantyness that feels real, and melts onto the palate without fake flavors or a weird aftertaste. With high potency options, this CBD is relaxing and helpful for a variety of conditions.

The first product that caught our eye from Azure was their CBD infused coconut oil, and we were not disappointed when the samples arrived! Coconut oil is a versatile option to infuse CBD in, but is rarely seen available from companies.

It’s perfect to use as a topical for skin, to be eaten directly, or used as a cooking ingredient to infuse a meal with CBD. We love the many uses of this product, and the benefits of coconut oil as a healthy cooking oil and great topical that moisturizes skin and kills bacteria and fungus.

Combined with the power of CBD, their coconut oil is a great product to keep in the medicine or cooking cabinet. Look for these products and more from Azure CBD online, or at their mall kiosk inside Everett Mall!