Sat, Aug 8, 2020

How did Cannabis come into your life?

I was 22 when I found out that the locked room I wasn’t allowed into downstairs was my pop’s grow. My dad was the first in his family to go to college and had to take a quarter off of school to save money and pay for the next quarter. During this small break he, unfortunately, was drafted to Vietnam.

Like so many vets this moment changed his life and left him with internal scars we now refer to as PTSD. This is the reason why Cannabis became a part of our family household.

It wasn’t until I was a young adult, pre-college, that I actually tried the plant for the first time. I was a straight-A student and a rule follower, and I remember the first time I tried Cannabis thinking to myself, “Oh my god, what else is the government lying to us about?” It was the first time that I thought critically or outside the box and challenged what our authority figures tell us.

What inspired you to start your company?

What inspired us to trail blaze was my husband Juddy’s brilliant idea in 2009. Our grower and provider for years let us know that she had completed her master’s and was heading into a high paying government job and would no longer be able to provide for us. She did, however, offer her methodology, equipment and prized mothers.

I was pregnant with our firstborn, and lets be honest, having access to our own medicine and making money was the first motivation.

Juddy’s brilliant idea was to transform our laundry room into our first small four plant grow. As the years moved forward, we went from our single room to our basement, to several other houses and basements.

We were medical providers and proud of the community we had become a part of. As our journey continued and I-502 presented itself to our state, we did not support this bill mostly because the five nanogram limit for DUI infractions had no real grounds of reason.

After [I-502] was passed, Juddy came home with another great idea and we called it operation 100 percent. We decided we would go 100 percent for this plant since we were already in medical. We would continue our pursuits and throw our irons in the fire on the retail side as well.

Armed with a season decade-long practiced understanding of production/processing, Trail Blazin’ Productions officially stepped into the legal retail market. In 2014, we hired 15 people to take down our first legal harvest. While we were hard at work, my father became one of the 22 Vets that commit suicide every day. I mention this because his acceptance and understanding of Cannabis as therapy, and his lifelong pursuit to aid his PTSD with this plant, will forever be carried in the heart of Trail Blazin’ Productions. He will always be a huge part of the reason I choose to do what I do for this plant and society at large.




What does it mean to you to be a Cannabis business owner that consumes the plant?

It means we deserve to be here. It means that people should support Trail Blazin’, the Cannabis Alliance, and all those who have made it this far and are here for the greater good—not just personal gain.

What is your favorite strain and way to consume?

I have two favorite strains: Harlequin and 9# Hammer. I am the pinnacle of a soccer mom, with that said my favorite way to consume for daily use is to micro dab our Harlequin shatter BHO. I like to smoke it on a vape pen. Before bed, Juddy and I make a 9# Hammer tincture tea with fresh lemon and hot water, it allows us to sleep a full nine hours and I always wake up feeling refreshed. how do you handle consumption during the work day for both yourself and your employees? The legally correct answer is it is not allowed. However, our employee handbook states that you are not to be under the influence of any substance while at work unless you are a medical marijuana patient and we have a doctor’s note.


What is your biggest challenge and favorite part of owning a legal Cannabis business?

My favorite part is meeting the people that share the same mission and values. Industry pioneers who blazed the trail in medical such as Jeremy Kaufman of The CPC (Center for Palliative Care), Laura Kaminsky with the Cannabis Alliance and Nick Mosley of Confidence Analytics. Meeting these people who can see five, 20 and 50 years down the road and realize that we have a huge responsibility to do this correctly and not blow it. 

I also absolutely love working with my husband. It’s hard to find someone to put up with your crazy… I just love his crazy and he loves my crazy and I am so appreciative that we are in this together. Our employees and those we work with, who believe in us and what we are doing, and how unequivocally loyal they are, I am stunned by their faith in us. As far as challenges go, there are not enough pages in the magazine to cover all of the insanely unfair challenges and hurdles that we are forced to face on a daily basis. The bureaucracy of Washington’s government and how they determine what is a priority and what is not a priority is very disappointing. 

My biggest hurdle as a producer and consumer is that there is no mandatory pesticide testing and little to no enforcement regarding pesticide use. The fact that a human consumable good is not being closely scrutinized for pesticides, especially regarding concentrate production, is a serious health concern that should be of the utmost priority — bottom line

What are your goals for the future of Trail Blazin’ and the industry in general?

My goal for the future of Trail Blazin’ is world domination while leading by example. We will always be blazing the trail, one step ahead of the game. Leading by example, doing what is good and right by this plant and its consumers. As for the industry in general, my highest vision is to see this community of producer, processors and retail providers evolve into the first socially conscious industry. In turn, helping set an example for many other industries to follow. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Free time is a luxury that we don’t generally have. However, when Juddy and I find ourselves with some free time we love to take our family on adventurous trips and weekend activities. Our family enjoys skiing and snowboarding, seeing live music and reading books together.