Thu, Jul 2, 2020

MFUSED BLENDS A MEDICAL CANNABIS LEGACY into the developing recreational marketplace to deliver a family of products with natural flavors, potency and transparency.

Founded in 2005 and operating in medical Cannabis from 2009 to 2016,MFUSED is a Cannabis company that existed before brands or even cartridges were on the market. As one of the early extraction pioneers in Washington, MFUSED began working with Co2 and hydrocarbon extraction – with a focus on high CBD options in 2010. By the time the brand MFUSED officially launched in 2015, they had a solid reputation for delivering high CBD oils and concentrate options to patients.

Today, MFUSED drops a variety of products around the state, from their glass tipped cartridge line to shatters and waxes by the legendary extractor, Knotty. We sat down with a fully charged battery to try these three tasty cartridge options, preparing for an epic high with three different delivery styles. The first cartridge we puffed on was the Tropical Passion distillate cartridge. Coming in at 91 percent THC, this heavy-hitter is infused with fruit terpenes for a sweet tropical fruit flavor that isn’t overwhelming while taking heady, fat puffs of vapor. Smooth and strong, the distillate cartridge is perfect for users who prefer flavored vapes and high THC content.

Next, we dove into the full spectrum Co2 UW Purple, a heady indica with all the natural terpenes and flavors intact. Full spectrum Co2 delivers an extremely satisfying high that is minimally processed, revealing strain specific flavors and effects.

From the first puff of earthy-berry-hashy vapor we couldn’t stop, with thick clouds of indica high filling the mind and relieving pain and anxiety.

Thoroughly high at this point, we switched to the 1:1 CBD to THC cartridge to level off the heady effects. CBD is a great tool to balance a high, as well as deliver a myriad of medicinal benefits. This bright golden oil has a lighter expansion and a sugary citrus flavor, with a quick onset of calming and relaxing effects.

Perfect for those seeking a lighter high or medicinal values, the 1:1 cartridge is a quality option for patients and recreational users alike.

Hands down the best part of the MFUSED line of cartridges is the transparency. It’s clear what type of concentrate is in each pen, with no additives or glycol cutting the oil down, and all processed with patient values in mind. From meeting the team behind the pens and tasting their concentrates, it’s clear that they care about Cannabis! That care translates into their heritage brand as delicious dabs and vapor, and it helps MFUSED stand apart as a company worth experiencing. Look forMFUSED products at your favorite dispensary!