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2017 Cultivation Classic [Event Recap]

June 03, 2017 | SimoneFischer

The Cultivation Classic did an excellent job of focusing on the medical potential of Cannabis beyond the ability of getting high for fun. Photo by Simone Fischer. Winners photos by Emerald Mountain Media.


The best and brightest showed out for the 2017 Cultivation Classic (CC), presented by the Willamette Week and Farma. The CC is “Oregon’s only competition exclusively for OMRI or OMRI-equivalent flower produced in the state without pesticides.”

For the second year in a row, I had the honor of judging the flower competition. During the first CC last year, I judged the THC category. This year, I volunteered to judge the CBD and 1:1 entries. I was gifted twelve entries to examine and there was the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The event itself was hosted at Revolution Hall in east Portland. Not being able to legally consume Cannabis at a Cannabis competition was a supreme bummer. If you want this to change for next year, email your state reps to vote yes on SB 307!  We could drink like fishes, but God help us if someone lights up. It was a fun competition, but certainly not ideal… but I’ll stop ranting now. 


My highlights of the experience were many of the speakers, and Phylos Bioscience’s badass ever-expanding Cannabis galaxy. Although I couldn’t imbibe, I was saturated with new knowledge on Cannabis.  

I had the pleasure of meeting keynote speaker Ethan Russo, M.D., who spoke on the topic of “Making Cannabis Safer and Better” by moving from always from only focusing on high THC/myrcene strains. Russo said, “I hope that these will serve to influence people’s orientation on Cannabis nomenclature and the future direction of selective breeding away from THC and myrcene dominance toward more varied and therapeutic entourage profiles.”  Now that Oregon has moved from a quasi-medical program to full-blown adult legalization, the focus on getting as high as possible with high THC strains tends to dominate the recreational market. There is a slight emphasis on CBD, but so few people know about the benefits of other cannabinoids beyond THC/CBD. Russo wishes to change this in the future. 

As a life long medical patient (autoimmune), it was consoling to hear the heavies talk about the importance of moving beyond THC. Russo has written more than fifty articles on Cannabis and pain management, including seven books on Cannabis and other medicinal herbs. What a legend. 

Despite the recreational market, the Cultivation Classic does an excellent job of focusing on the medical potential of Cannabis beyond the ability of getting high for fun. The amount of raw talent in the building alone was mystifying. I can’t wait to see where we will be five to ten years from now.

As for the judging portion, my favorite strain out of the bunch was the Steven Hawking by Cascade High, who also won an Innovation award! It was the most beautiful smoke of all in my humble opinion. My second favorite CBD entry Corazon by Yerba Buena Farms ended up taking first place. Excellent work all around folks!

I can’t wait to attend the 2018 competition! Hopefully by then, we can enjoy all of the fruits our beloved Cannabis industry has to offer.


Winner: Alter Farms, Cherry Wine

Second Place: Siskiyou Sungrown Farm, Z7


Winner: Yerba Buena, Corazon

Second Place: Cascade High, Steven Hawking


Winner: Cheshire Kind, Cannatonic

Second Place: Cheshire Kind, AC/DC


Winner: sofresh farms, Critical Cure

Second Place: Siskiyou Sungrown Farm, HarleyWreck


Winner: East Wind Cannabis, CBD Critical Mass

Second Place: Gaia’s Ganja Garden, Kush Med


Winner: Toro Ma, CBDiesel

No Second Place: Only one entry


Winner: One Family Farms, Blueberry

Second Place: High Valley Organics, Purple Hindu Kush


Winner: Ten Four Farms, Sour Tangie

Runner Up: Bull Run Craft Cannabis, Golden Cobra


Winner: Cannassentials, Guava Chem

Runner Up: Cannassentials, Bubblegum