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February 04, 2018 | WES ABNEY

This beautiful Wasilla Cannabis shop offers a peak at growing plants and plenty of good deals. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Gazing through the tall window inside Green Degree’s bud room offers a view of dancing, happy plants glistening with fresh THC crystals and waiting for harvest.

It’s a beautiful experience to be able to see plants growing and offered deli style in the same environment, where consumers can choose their exact bud from a full jar of sticky dank flowers. Think wine tours and vines but swap in green plants waving under artificial lights, where a friendly budtender will even grind up a purchase and create a custom pre-roll.

“We really like to let the customer pick the bud they want, letting them smell and look closely at the flower before purchasing. I want to stand behind what we produce, and we want our customers to be happy,” Owner and Operator Kerby Coman said. “There’s a lot of issues with prepackaged flower and low-quality product, so we choose to let people always see what they buy.”


This is the environment at Green Degree, and it’s a must-see destination for a local or tourist that loves Cannabis. The building houses three separate Cannabis businesses. Past the front information and check-in section, Green Degree is the retail store, with two identical budtending stations and dozens of Cannabis products.

The window that sits behind the right station is actually looking into a complete separate business, a limited cultivation license that is also owned by Coman. Inside, the team grows in-house strains such as Medical Mass CBD, one of the sweetest tasting and best smelling CBD flowers on the Alaskan market, Super Skunk, Durban Poison and Old Time Moonshine.


With a lot of love and effort, the limited grow helps provide a selection of in-house strains and regular customers share in the experience of watching the plants grow before harvest.

“We just renovated the grow and it’s set us at a new standard for cultivation, and we have new genetics that are really exciting,” Coman said. “[It] feels excellent, every day I go back and see buds a little further puts a smile on my face, knowing we are only a few weeks at any time from bringing new strains to harvest.”

By staging the harvest schedule, the garden keeps a consistent supply of flower for shelves. All the pre-rolls are made with in-house flower, with clones available of popular strains, and trim heads to Good Titrations for processing into concentrates. There are also flower options from other growers, such as the High Tide Farms’ Cherry Pie, Green Life’s Nine Pound Hammer or Fruit Salad and Euphoria CBD Live Resin from Good Titrations. Fans of the Medical Mass CBD will also find the strain in pens when available.


“We like to keep our selection revolving, to keep it interesting,” Coman said. “We also have a $40 eighth ‘black market special’ with a different strain up each day.”

There’s a full selection of MoMo’s edibles as well, rounding out a solid selection of Cannabis products. The budtenders are all passionate about the products, putting education first when helping customers. It takes a team of 15 to run the whole operation, and most were friends or family before joining Green Degree.

“The most enjoyable part is hearing stories about how we make a difference, so we are always trying to give back and do more,” Coman said. “It feels really good, I believe in this plant with all my heart. It’s nice to do something on a daily basis that I enjoy, and to share it with our family of customers and employees.”