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September 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Take an inside look at Parkdale, Oregon’s Evans Creek Farms. Photos by Daniel Berman


Evans Creek Farms is an organic, Clean Green-certified Cannabis farm located in the foothills of Mt. Hood. Dan, the owner and head cultivator, is dedicated to providing clean and carefully cultivated Cannabis to Oregon consumers. And he likes his privacy.

One vegetative room and two small flower rooms make up the entirety of this licensed grow. Each plant in the flower rooms is connected to a drip watering system installed by himself that can fully water each room in under three minutes. The nutrients are mixed on spot and dumped into a tank for dispersion of the feed.

While we chatted for a bit, Dan was carefully trimming up his latest harvest of 707 Headband.


Each snip was made with care and consideration, which clearly shines through in the end. The result of extremely well handled buds is a more visual experience with each strain. The trichome heads are vivid and pop out at you — not crushed or smoothed over roughly.

Dan’s background is in installing irrigation systems for large-scale farms including many fruit orchards in the area, so setting up his irrigation for his licensed grow came easily.

The plants are OMRI listed “BioBizz” in organic amended soil. The cultivation of organic Cannabis without the use of systemic pesticides or fungicides is essential to providing Oregon consumers with trustworthy and clean Cannabis.


Another quality control aspect that stood out to me was the trim and handling of each nug. No one was hacking away at buds nonchalantly hoping they would trim a sugar leaf in the midst of mutilating trichome heads.

Evans Creek Farms LLC was started in 2012, a few years before recreational was passed in Oregon. Dan has grown for 22 years and gets additional organic gardening experience from being a produce grower for many years, cultivating tomatoes, kale, broccoli and peppers, which helped to shape his knowledge on many aspects of soil diversity and biology.

Cherry Pie, Nepalese Kush and 707 Headband are the primary cultivars grown by Evans Creek Farms and available at select Bend, Pendleton, Hood River and Portland dispensaries.