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February 04, 2018 | SteveElliott

A handbook for the modern consumer published by | 2017 | 240 pages | $27


This savvy connoisseur’s guide from the editors at Leafly,

one of the world’s most well-known Cannabis platforms, is a distillation of the most popular and important articles from the site. This recent release aims at being a definitive guidebook, and largely accomplishes that considerable task. All of that information is packed into just 227 pages, which becomes even more impressive when one realizes that on the informational level, it outdoes some volumes twice its size. Step-by-step guides, descriptions and delicious recipes make it easier than ever for consumers to find and enjoy their best high.

leafly-guide-to-cannabis-quote.jpgAs legal restrictions are relaxed around the country, Cannabis enthusiasts—as well as the Cannabis curious—are seeking more information. Much as with beer and wine, people want to explore the art and craft of marijuana.

Even more diverse than alcohol, Cannabis can have wildly diverse flavor profiles, as well as cerebral and body effects. And there are many ways to consume marijuana, from lotions to gourmet recipes.

The growing amount of options available to consumers in the Cannabis market can be overwhelming, but this book breaks it all into manageable chunks of information. This reviewer has visited more than 200 pot shops, yet I still got some great ideas about things to look for on my next visit.

Any work of this scope and size, of course, cannot be perfect, and The Leafly Guide to Cannabis is no different. Sometimes descriptions are far too vague, even misleading, and there’s no photo to help, as on page 15, “Males and Females.” The complete description of the appearance of male flowers is “male flowers produce smaller spheres near the base of the leaves.” That, to me, doesn’t come close to adequately explaining the appearance of male flowers, especially in the absence of a photo.

But objections like that are more like quibbles when contrasted with the scope of this book. Leafly’s aim is almost always true, and this is one of the most valuable, information-packed books I’ve seen in a while.