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November 06, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

Each month, the Leaf crew meets to select one special budtender that stands out above the rest! Photo by Daniel Berman.


First cannabis experience?

I was in the seventh grade and hanging out with my step sister who was visiting from Washington. I remember she had this cool blue glass pipe and some weed she brought from home. We snuck out one night… and when I got my first taste of that sweet cheeba… from that moment on I knew that I never wanted to be without Cannabis. Afterwards, we ended up sharing a 2-liter of Dr Pepper and three Chick-O-Sticks while trying to beat Bubble Bobble. I don’t think we made it passed the first level. 

How long have you been in the Cannabis industry and what is your favorite part of the job?

I started at TreeHouse December 2014 — so almost three years now. For me, it’s the service aspect of the industry that’s meaningful. I love seeing Cannabis help enrich people’s lives; whether it’s treating an illness or just putting a smile on someone’s face. 

What’s your favorite method of consumption?

Even with all the amazing consumption methods available to us today, I’m still a sucker for a nicely rolled joint. Nothing beats the flavor of freshly chopped up herb, hand rolled in hemp papers. Well, except maybe some Echo Electuary live resin.

What are some of your favorite Cannabis strains and effects?

Properly grown Dogwalker OG is hands down my favorite strain. For me, it’s a brain buzzing high that keeps me focused, without any raciness or anxiety. However, linalool, not usually a Dogwalker OG terpene, might be my favorite scent or taste.It’s sweet and floral with hints of berry. I have found that strains heavy in linalool have a relaxing high that still allow you to function during the day.

How do you help customers find the best Cannabis or products for them?

We are all advocates of the “entourage effect” at the shop. We feel that terpene and cannabinoid profiles are actually more representative of the total experience, and have more of an overall effect than just plain-old THC percentages. So we try to ask customers to use their nose when looking for a strain. I’ve found that strains that smell pleasant to a customer are typically a good fit for the effect they desire.

What makes your shop’s approach different?

Everybody at the TreeHouse is incredibly knowledgeable and has roots in the industry. We make ourselves available for conversation and try to cater to each customer’s needs by asking a few questions to find out how they might benefit from Cannabis. We understand that not all Cannabis experiences are the same, so we try to find the best option for you. 

Hobbies/interests outside of Cannabis?

I’m a vinyl collector. I have a decent library of records, maybe 500 or so. A perfect Saturday for me starts off with a coffee and a doobie, then spending the better half of the day flipping through and listening to records.

Treehouse Collective
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