Sat, Jun 6, 2020

February 04, 2018 | WillFerguson

Processed by Portland Extracts.


sunset-sherbet-score-1.jpg70.22% THC / 0.16% CBD // Portland Extracts is a licensed processor and dispensary located in southeast Portland. Known for quality concentrates at a great price, their team is working hard to reinstate the impressive selection following licensure a few months back.

The consistency is more of a pull and snap when left out at room temperature, making it easy to grab dabs of all sizes. The flavor is rather mild and lacks the cookie gas profile of other Sunset Sherbets I have tried. Each dab was clean, smooth and non-expansive, indicating a complete purge of solvents. The high is euphoric and focusing, but also relaxing, as it eased my thoughts and worries from their spontaneous nature.

This extract is ideal for consumers looking for a potent, yet still relaxing high as it does a good job quelling anxiety and sporadic thoughts.

More information:
2103 SE Division, Portland, OR 97202
11am – 9pm Daily // (503) 719-4861