Wed, Feb 19, 2020

DAB: Glass Derby Car Racing [Event Recap]


Presented by Hand Made. Photos by Daniel Berman.


I am still trying to sort my thoughts on this weekend… After attending a bunch for events over the last 7 years we wanted to do one where everyone involved felt good when they left. From our artist participants to our generous ticket buyers. From the staff who all killed it to the folks who trusted us with their one of a kind property…. I think we did it. I won’t tag anyone because there is no way I could tag everyone who helped make it the gathering it was. I will say that I truly appreciate you all. I got so many REAL heart to heart hugs that I will never forget…

In the end we hosted 200+ people from around the nation. We shared meals, we shared cabins. We shared a little pain when our new friends car shattered on the floor. We all shared in the joy after he worked all night long to build an all new car before the race.

On Saturday night we dusted off track and ran the cars for the glory. Kenny Hashmouf and previous champ Badger Glass squared up for the final run of the day. With a 3 second run. Kenny took the win over some of the biggest names in the glass game. He was my pick from the the start…

After the races we all bellied up for a hot lasagna dinner and the auction. In 2 hours we raised nearly $22k for the kids camp and our partners at the Evergreen State Project. It would have been worth all the hard work if we only got to enjoy each other… Walking away with the large donations is just icing on the cake.

I can’t thank all 200+ of you enough for the joy I felt at the end of the night. You all gave me something I can’t buy. The pride I have for our community has filled my heart. 

— Hand Made via Facebook