Thu, Jun 4, 2020

February 01, 2017 | SimoneFischer

Cook a light, delicious dinner for you and your sweetie, share a few edibles, smoke weed in the various form you prefer and enjoy the remainder of the evening over champagne.


My edible of choice is Grön chocolate bars. They come in a variety of flavors (milk and dark chocolate), and you eat them piece by piece for controlled dosing. 

My favorites are the dark chocolate espresso bean and dark chocolate toffee bar. You can find Grön at most recreational Cannabis shops around Portland. They are dosed at 50mg per recreational edible, but can be split into five 10mg pieces. Other states will carry similar edibles offering chocolatey goodness.

If you are new to edibles, break off a square of chocolate and cut it in half. This should give you roughly 5mg of THC by Grön’s standards. Do not eat any more until after two hours. Once the high takes hold, you gotta ride it out. If you are a medical patient, try one of Grön’s 75mg chocolates!

Now that you’re already staying home, go hard and really enjoy your Cannabis to its fullest potential. Enjoy each other’s company. Roll up your favorite weed and pop the fancy bottle of champagne! Since you don’t have to worry about driving, you can loosen up your sobriety standards.


Good old-fashioned nugs always get the job done. Top shelf Cannabis runs like water these days. Try CBD flower to relax nerves or release any pre-date tension. CBD may help reduce anxiety in those who experience it. Judge your Cannabis on the quality of smell and cure when buying flower. Don’t shop by numbers alone unless you are there for the cannabinoids, too.


I suggest roasting game hen (smaller/quicker cook time than traditional chickens) with pan sauce, polenta and crispy oyster mushrooms. There’s not much in season in the dead of winter, but a roasted bird will never go out of style.  I often will pair it with garlic Parmesan polenta because it’s easy and will marry the game hen pan juice super well.

I threw in some mushrooms because they are in season, and (when roasted to a crisp) are a delicious contrast between the velvety polenta and tender chicken.

It’s a fuss-free meal that requires minimal attention and prep. You can pre-season your birds and make the polenta a day ahead. Your date will adore you and your efforts. So pour yourself a glass of wine, light a joint and prepare your meal together. No salads. I ask you to indulge.


If you’re a homeowner or just have one of those delightfully lax landlords, then kick back, roll up the best Cannabis you can find and have a few ready-to-light pre-rolls available to enjoy for later (like pre or post dinner). I myself always go for sedative weed at all times. It’s more commonly known as “indica,” but it truly means Cannabis with elevated levels of linalool, caryophyllene and limonene. For everybody else, I recommend going with a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrids (Cannabis with elevated levels of myrcene and terpinolene) to keep the evening going.

If you are under the rule of strict landlords, I suggest you invest in a vape pen. They have higher levels of THC and the smell is virtually non-existent. You don’t have to worry about leaving a lingering, potentially eviction-causing smell that could disturb those around you.


The popularity of dabs — or concentrates — continues to grow in the legal market. The advantages of dabbing are the flavors, the smell is less pungent (similar to vaping) and the high is much stronger. If you are living in an apartment situation, or want to discreetly consume Cannabis, I highly recommend dabbing. The only drawbacks to dabbing are monetary. Gram prices are on the rise and start at $40-50 for anything worthwhile. Your initial “dab set-up” (oil rig, enail, nail, torch, dab tools) can be expensive at $100-$500 minimum.



I prefer pre-rolled joints, but if you or your partner are the paranoid type, run with a vape pen. The smell is faint in comparison to smoking a flower joint. You can buy vape cartridges or disposable pens at your local Cannabis dispensary. They usually start at $50 after tax, and go as high as over $100 per cartridge for high-end concentrates. 

Although many may cringe at a $100 price tag, understand you are supporting an Oregon craft business that delivers high-quality products. Good weed isn’t cheap, and neither is the corresponding concentrate. Spoil your loved one and try a fancy vape pen.

Looking to be sustainably stoned for the duration of your night out? Then eat an edible before you take off. That way, you won’t have to fuss with a pre-roll. You will be a delightfully giggly and enthusiastic eater during your dining experience. 

With that said, if you are not a seasoned edible consumer, wait until you get home before you pop a chocolate. Nothing is worse than haphazardly eating an edible, and unexpectedly turning into an inaudible pile of mashed potatoes, unable to maintain conversation or forge coherent sentences. 

I speak from experience. A few date nights have turned terribly wrong because of a seemingly innocent cookie.