Fri, May 29, 2020

February 04, 2018 | WillFerguson

Rustic bookshelf wall paper lines the entrance and lounge section of the shop.


Strains – 3/5

River Valley Remedies has a unique selection of strains and growers, many of which seemed completely new. Products by Sunstone Farms, Green Cross Specialties, Happy Cabbage Farms and Rose Bud Growers were available on the shelves. Sour Tangie, Orange Cream, Pinot Green and Head Cheese were a few of the varieties we spotted. Back-lit scopes allow consumers to get a closer look at strains, though it would be nice to see more organic, sustainably cultivated flower options.

Edibles – 5/5

A large variety of edible products were available at a reasonable price, including medicated almond butter, tea, hot sauce, olive oil, mints, paleo bars and CBD dog treats. Vendors such as Hapy Kitchen, Lux, Wana Brands and the Oregon Candy Farm can consistently be found on the shelves of River Valley Remedies.

Concentrates – 4/5

Multiple shelves of concentrates are present at each bud station. Well-lit display samples make it easy to check out the color and consistency of the offerings. Apollo Grown, Willamette Valley Alchemy, NW Kind, Winberry and Evolvd all had multiple products available. River Valley Remedies’ vertically integrated processing lab is in the process of being licensed nearby, adding quality and consistency to the impressive selection.


Environment – 5/5

The interior here is one of the coolest experiences in Oregon. Rustic bookshelf wall paper lines the entrance and lounge section of the shop, as the theme seems to be poking at the poet, Edgar Allen Poe. A fake crow perched on a lamp over a reading chair adds to the eerie and elegant design of the shop

Overall – 17/20

The spacious layout of the medicine room makes it easy to browse each section. Budtenders are knowledgeable and eager to assist consumers any way they can—guiding them toward specific products or effects and pulling down jars and displays for those wanting to follow their own nose.


1985 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR River
Open 10a-10p daily
​(458) 205-8257


28.7% THC Indica / White Tahoe Cookies, bred by Kush 4 Breakfast, adds potency and flavor to the classic Cookies cut. This expression, grown by Happy Cabbage Farms, has that sweet shortbread funk from the cookies, accompanied by a sweet vanilla cream profile on the back end. The buds are cured perfectly, as each calyx snaps off the stem, yet still has enough moisture to stick to your fingers. The smoke was smooth and flavorful and I barely felt the urge to cough throughout the entire joint. 
For me, White Tahoe Cookies has always been a functional strain. It relaxes me just enough to quell my anxiety, and it doesn’t scatter my brain. Ideal for a great endocannabinoid boost while retaining essential focus. ($37.50/ 3.5g)