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September 05, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Inside the doors of Renton, WA’s Evergreen Market.


Strains – 5/5

We found a wide selection of strains broken up between three main cases, separated by sativa, indica and hybrid categories. This makes selecting a strain style easy for new users, and was also clear enough for heady strain hunters to find farms they want to follow. We liked the top shelf options from House of Cultivar, the perfect nose and flavor of the Fire Bros Lime Skunk, the Lem Dog by Marley Naturals and the Bubba Fire from Harmony Farms. With a $16/gram cap and plenty of 1/8ths from $20-55m, and a full selection of pre-rolls, quality and affordable options are only a matter of choice.

Edibles – 4/5

From the CBD case containing topicals and edibles rich in medicinal value to the munchies-inducing savory chips, we liked the edible and topical options here. We saw Ethos Lotionz and Fairwinds products, syrups from Elixirs and soda and lemonades from Evergreen Herbal, and a host of other tasty items. There’s a wide selection to choose from, including tasty looking cookies and sweets.

Concentrates – 5/5

Ranging  from $30/g FECO/RSO to the $50/gram cap on oil, the selection at Evergreen Market is well crafted for consumer needs. We saw tasty options from Smokey Point like the Jet Fuel Lavender for $40-45 a gram, Rosin and Solventless hash from Seattle Bubble Works, and heady shatter from Bodhi High and Western Cultured. We also like the wide selection of cartridges, from Indigo Pro Carts to Jackpot Seaweed, and with consistent quality options like Avitas.


Environment – 4/5

The environment is comfortable and education-focused with the perfect amount of swanky, high-end vibes. Walking in the store is impressive, with glossy floors in an open layout and staff roaming to make sure that customers are helped. Consumers are greeted quickly by friendly and knowledgeable staff who all genuinely care about the products on the shelf and connecting users to the right products and the right price. The end result is a store that can help a brand new smoker, seasoned connoisseur and 
medical patient equally and with care.

Overall – 19/20

This is the third and newest store in the Evergreen Market family, and the vision driving the stores has been executed to the fullest potential. The location is solid and brings access to the whole Renton/Kent valley and Ikea district. The layout is easy to navigate, the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the selection is on-point. Whether you are new to the Evergreen Market chain or have only visited one of the other two locations, we recommend you take a trip and check out the newest store in the Renton area!


rec 21+ 

4242 E. Valley Road
Renton, WA

(425) 318-8898


18.04% THC / 0.13% CBD Lightly sweet with a creamy-rich earthiness, this light green flower is covered in sticky crystals and begging to be smoked. The flower has a decent moisture balance thanks to the glass container and a healthy snap and a cared-for cure. Tokes deliver a warm, sweet smoke that drops the taste of berries and earthy-kush with relaxing indica effects. ($14/g)


41.3% THC / 1.30% CBD It’s not often we find a pre-roll that delivers a good taste with a heady effect, but this Thai Stick does that with the added bonus of being fairly priced. Our joint featured heavy kush and fuel notes with a slow burn rate and a high that hit quickly and lasted well for the value and experience. ($11)