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September 05, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

By Nate Williams. Photos by Daniel Berman


Strains – 4/5

Phresh Cannabis has done a solid job curating quality flowers for the store. The store is vertically integrated and grows a couple of strains in-house that have taken home awards. The shop also had a diverse selection of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor grown flowers from Far Out Farms, Sunstone Farms, Liontree Farms and Otis Gardens. Product was stored in glass jars for customers to be able to see and smell before purchase.

Edibles – 4/5

The edibles selection offers a little something for everyone, which makes sense as Forest Grove’s residents are primarily 50+ and college students.
On my mid-August visit, the products ranged from medicated coffees and teas, to chocolates, gummy candies, capsules, cookies, tinctures and more.  ​

Concentrates – 5/5

There is (finally) a fair number of licensed processors in Oregon and Phresh Cannabis has taken advantage of the options available on the market. The shelves housed a wide selection of tasty options, ranging from solvent-less flower rosin to high potency distillate cartridges. On my visit there were options from Select Strains, Rebel Spirit, Original Extracts and more.


Environment – 4/5

The environment is comfortable and education-focused with the perfect amount of swanky, high-end vibes. Walking in the store is impressive, with glossy floors in an open layout and staff roaming to make sure that customers are helped. Consumers are greeted quickly by friendly and knowledgeable staff who all genuinely care about the products on the shelf and connecting users to the right products and the right price. The end result is a store that can help a brand new smoker, seasoned connoisseur and 
medical patient equally and with care.

Overall – 19/20

This is the third and newest store in the Evergreen Market family, and the vision driving the stores has been executed to the fullest potential. The location is solid and brings access to the whole Renton/Kent valley and Ikea district. The layout is easy to navigate, the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the selection is on-point. Whether you are new to the Evergreen Market chain or have only visited one of the other two locations, we recommend you take a trip and check out the newest store in the Renton area!


recreational 21+
2743 19th Ave, Forest Grove
Mon.-Sat. 9a-10p | Sun. 11a-7p 
(503) 430-1575


Skunkberry is an old-school hybrid of Skunk #1 and DJ Short’s Blueberry and the rendition by Phresh Cannabis is funky sweet and berry forward on the nose with subtle hints of grape and musk. The flower was ground into a light, fluffy consistency and smoked smooth and light. The Blueberry offers a heavy, sedative body high and the Skunk #1 brings a stony, spacey head high. This strain is great for end of day relaxation. ($12/gram)


This majorly potent and pungent sativa hybrid was bred by the miracle workers at Rare Dankness in Colorado. Genetics come from Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, the resulting strain is uniquely aromatic and notably powerful. Ghost Train Haze is for experienced sativa smokers only and, even then, is only to be consumed in moderation. A few puffs of a joint had me buzzing with an espresso-like high. ($15/gram)