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January 03, 2018 | WillFerguson

Inside the doors of the SE Division dispensary.


Strains – 4/5

Lifted Northwest is the vertical retail outlet for Heroes of the Farm, an OLCC licensed producer that specializes in craft Cannabis and craft seed production. Most strains on the shelves are bred and grown by the farm, which allows for quality flower to be sold at reduced price compared to most other dispensaries. Gorilla Snacks, Head Dog and Scooby Snacks were a few of the strains available grown in both greenhouse and indoor environments.

Edibles – 3/5

The edible selection was a little scarce at Lifted Northwest, as Wyld and Grön dominate the menu. CBD capsules and medicated honey were also available. It would be nice to see a wider variety of edible options as well as some healthier products. Not everyone can ingest copious amounts of sugar or chocolate.

Concentrates – 5/5

For a new shop, Lifted Northwest carries a quality selection of concentrates from processors like Willamette Valley Alchemy, Select Strains,
r. Jolly’s, Permaculture Solutions Orchid Essentials. Live resin, cartridges, shatter and other consistencies were stocked to please all palates. Heroes of the Farm is awaiting buildout and licensing of the processing lab so the farm can produce single source solvent concentrates.


Environment – 5/5

The interior of Lifted Northwest is beautiful. Custom wood display counters and artwork line the medicine room. A clone rack forged by Happy Daddy products sits behind the counter. Each display shelf is well lit and neatly organized, making it easy for consumers to browse the selection.

Overall – 17/20

Lifted Northwest has built the foundation for a great shop, quality products, quality prices and knowledgeable staff. It will be exciting to see where these folks, and the rest of the industry, will be in a few years.


11121 SE Division St. Portland
Open M-F 10a-9p  Sat/Sun. 11a-7p
#LiftedNW @HeroesoftheFarm


25% THC Hybrid / Grown and bred by Heroes of the Farm / Gorilla Snacks is another creation from Heroes of the Farm which crosses GG4 with Scooby Snacks. Opening the jar immediately revealed more of a GG dominant profile backed by some of the sweet diesel notes from the Scooby Snacks. Each bud was sticky and difficult to break down without a grinder. Firing up a few bowls illuminates a more Scooby Snacks flavor profile that would be hard to guess from the nose. The effects were pretty relaxing and lethargic, what one would expect from the genetics. However, this is a muted Scooby Snacks as the GG doesn’t add much to the flavor or potency side. ($42/ 3.5g)


24.% THC Hybrid / Grown and bred by Heroes of the Farm / Head Dog #9 is one of Heroes of the Farms’ newest creations. This cross of Headband and Guinness has a pungent gassy, fuel-like aroma to it that immediately hits the palate when a jar is cracked. The buds are medium in size and density, and are caked in trichomes. I tried the #9 phenotype which was grown indoors by the Heroes’ crew. Notes of Chem, anise and fuel were most notable on the inhale, with a creamy and peppery taste on the exhale, very complex. I felt a nice combination of energetic and relaxing effects for more than two hours, making this a nice option for the hybrid lovers. ($42/ 3.5g)