Sat, Jun 6, 2020

February 04, 2018 | WillFerguson

Large display cases made it easy for multiple consumers to check out the selection on hand.


Strains – 5/5

Panacea has one of the best selections of high quality Cannabis. High Noon Cultivation, Bull Run Craft Cannabis, Fire Flower, Ananda Farms and HiFi Farms are just a few of the craft Cannabis producers shelved. The budtenders were happy to pull down multiple jars for me to get a closer look at. It would be nice to see prices included in the online menu, patients and consumers like to know how much they will be paying before they make a trip.

Edibles – 4/5

Periodic Edibles caramels, Peak Extracts strain specific chocolates, Drip Sweets gems, and Leif Medicinals marshmallow bon bons are a few of the high quality edible products at Panacea. The display case is neatly organized with prices listed on each product. Many edible producers have a large reach across the state, allowing them to be in nearly every dispensary, and Panacea boasts a well-curated bunch of the best.

Concentrates – 4/5

A huge selection of cartridges and concentrates were available. Avitas, Botanical Laboratories, O.penVape, Dirty Arm Farm and Viola Extracts were a few of the featured processors. Large display cases made it easy for multiple consumers to check out the selection on hand, with products available at multiple price points and consistencies.


Environment – 5/5

One of the first things that stands out about Panacea is the attitude and friendliness of the staff working. Everyone seemed super happy to be at work. The waiting room is spacious and features an array of magazines and artwork. The bud room continues with beautiful wood shelves and a lounge corner with a tent & bean bag.

Overall – 18/20

Located on the infamous Green Mile, Panacea has proven to be a standout shop with craft products, outstanding service and competitive pricing. Owner Melissa Egan has done a great job curating a unique shop in an industry where so many are carbon copies of each other.


6714 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland
Mon-Sat 10a-9p & Sun 11a-6p   
(503) 477-5083


Grown by Fire Flower, Snow Leopard is a cross of Tigermelon and Snow Lotus bred by Bodhi Seeds. This example, grown by Fire Flower, has a dense structure and mild aroma at the first crack of the jar. Breaking open calyxes reveals a trichome coated interior, but not much additional smell. The flavor is mild and almost not present. Multiple bowls later and one still has trouble figuring out exactly what one is tasting. The best way to put it is a mixture of hay and roses, most of the terpene profile has escaped, however I did notice a few floral notes on the inhale. The effects follow suit as the high is relatively mild. This is a great strain to introduce someone to Cannabis with. ($48 / 3.5g) / 30.9% THC / Hybrid


The Real McCoy is a legendary cross of Skunk #1 with a Hawaiian indica. This phenotype, grown by High Noon Cultivation, has a strong sour candy smell to it. The buds are dense and covered in undisturbed trichomes, meaning care and attention was given to the handling and trimming process, which unfortunately cannot be said about every producer. Grinding up the buds for joints reveals a musky grapefruit scent. The flavor is a complex mixture of lemon peels, sour citrus, musky grapefruit and ripe mangos. The smoke is incredibly smooth, as the joint burned evenly all the way to the roach. The effects definitely lean toward the Skunk #1 side, as I felt euphoric and alert for close to two hours. This strain is a great prelude to an active day of hiking, exploring and any other recreational activities. ($40/ 3.5g) 25.0% THC / Hybrid