Tue, Aug 4, 2020

November 08, 2017 | WillFerguson

The budtenders were happy to assist us and answered any questions we had about the shop or products. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Strains – 4/5

Tamerans had a decent selection of strains available when we stopped in. An interactive wall of jars allows customers to smell and look at each strain before they purchase. Most of the varieties are full-season and priced as such. The staff was stoked on a recent drop of indoor Grape Ape, which has a great cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Edibles – 5/5

The shop carries an excellent selection of edible products. Elbe’s, Wana, Wild Urban and Smokiez were a few of the companies represented across the shelves. Cake balls, gummies, hot sauce and lemon cookies were a few of the products on display, as prices for each edible were significantly less expensive than most Portland shops.

Concentrates – 4/5

The selection of extracts here was impressive for the area. Many of the Portland licensed processors have had trouble expanding production and distribution to southern parts in Oregon, which can leave dispensaries with a scarce selection of product. Tamerans carries Claywolf, CBDiscovery and Winberry Farms among other brands.


Environment – 4/5

The staff was incredibly hospitable and welcoming, even as we showed up near closing time. The budtenders were happy to assist us after hours and answered any questions we had about the shop or products. The staff we met were extremely knowledgeable about the products and how they could help our particular needs and conditions.

Overall – 17/20

Slim choices for dispensaries in Southern Oregon make it hard to find quality product. Tamerans dispensary fills this void by offering premium products at an affordable price in a welcoming environment.


Tamerans Dispensary
3388 Merlin Rd, Grants Pass
Open 10am-7pm daily
(541) 295-8551


19.57% THC / 0.49%CBD / A classic indica-dominant strain, Grape Ape has a lineage stemming from Mendocino Purps and Afghani. These buds had a dark purple hue to them and were dense in structure. Opening the jar released that candy grape PEZ profile that I associate with Grape Ape. The smoke is smooth and non-expansive, and burns white ash all the way to the end of the joint. The effects are sedative and relaxing, as smoking this strain helped me unwind after a day of touring farms. Grape Ape may be useful for those looking for relief from insomnia, pain and anxiety. ($12/g)