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August 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Walk inside and Urban Farmacy Portland and you are greeted by the employee at the front desk asking you how your day is going. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Strains – 4/5

Urban Farmacy has a wide variety of strains from many Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) licensed producers, many of them were new to Oregon Leaf. Frontier Farms, Otis Gardens, Millerville Farms, Sunstone Farms, Oregon Country Cannabis and Zen Pharms all had a spot on the shelf. Prices range from a reasonable $6 to $16.50 per gram as consumers have a large selection of indoor and sun-grown Cannabis to choose from.

Edibles – 5/5

Edibles are well stocked with many options for both patients and consumers. Medical chocolate bites from Grön were available as well as medical shrapnel and squibs from Lunchbox Alchemy. It’s nice to see shops still actively catering to medical patients’ needs even with the large corporate shift we see within the Oregon market. A large variety of recreationally dosed edibles were also available. Oregon Candy Farm, Fully Baked and Peak Extracts all had their craft edibles shelved in the form of hard candies, cookies and strain specific chocolate bars.

Concentrates – 5/5

Their selection of concentrates was rather impressive. Multiple strains and options were available from various OLCC processors. Hood Oil, Chronic Creations, Walkin Happy Oil and Siskiyou Sungrown all had products on the shelf in the form of BHO, distillate and Full Extract Cannabis Oil.


Environment – 4/5

Urban Farmacy has a comfortable and welcoming vibe to it. The moment you walk through the door you are greeted by the employee at the front desk asking you how your day is going. A large chalkboard mural adds character to the already comfortable waiting room. The medicine room is spacious, and inviting with interactive and informative tidbits of information scattered throughout the store for consumers to explore.

Overall – 18/20

Located on NE 60th Avenue, this recreational shop is convenient for those traveling on I-84 in and out of the city. Friendly staff and a large selection of well curated medicine make this spot well worth the exit off the highway.


420 NE 60th St.

Portland, OR 97213


Check site for hours

(503) 957


urban-pharmacy-portland-score.jpg24THC, 50.8CBD High CBD cartridges are a rather rare item in dispensaries these days, as not too many producers growing CBD strains. Green Dragon Extracts Critical Mass cartridge has a nice ratio of THC to CBD, giving you that slight psychoactive kick with a more relaxing, CBD-dominant effect. The cartridge fits on a traditional 10-4 threading with little constriction compared to most other cartridges. Each hit expelled a large amount of vapor and was very smooth all the way through. A combination of lavender and cherries were present on the exhale making each hit enjoyable. The mostly CBD ratio of this cartridge is ideal for consumers looking for a relaxing, yet still slightly psychoactive high that can be utilized during the day. ($48 | 0.5g cartridge)


urban-pharmacy-portland-dogwalker-og-score.jpg24.94% THC, 0.14% CBD This classic strain was bred by the legendary One Eye. The cross of Chem 91 and Albert Walker OG makes the nose incredibly pungent and gassy. The nugs are sticky, yet snap off the stem easily making a grinder necessary for joints and bowls. I enjoyed this flower out of a clean water pipe. Each rip was incredibly smooth and flavorful, leaving behind a pure white ash. The high is stoney and functional, settling in behind the eyes for a relaxing body euphoria. Luvli PDX produces other beautiful strains worth checking out like Thin Mint Cookies, White Tahoe Cookies, Durban Poison and Island Sweet Skunk. ($16.50/g)