Wed, Aug 12, 2020

October 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Inside the doors of the NW Portland dispensary.


Strains – 5/5

The shop carries an impressively large flower selection for just opening recently. Strains from Resin Ranchers, Higher Minds Horticulture, Nelson and Company and Archive Seed Bank. Prices range from $10-12.50/g before tax with price breaks for the eighth and quarter. The flowers are beautifully displayed in a well lit glass case illuminating their unique qualities. Budtenders are helpful and patient with every customer, ensuring educated buying decisions. 

Edibles – 4/5

Grön Chocolate Bars, Wyld Gummies and Delta 9 lemonade and orange drinks were just a few of the edible products that graced Virtue’s shelves. Edibles are in high demand at this particular location, making the need for a diverse supply a necessity. The selection of CBD edibles was also notable: CBD mints, dog treats, chocolate bars and gummies were available for reasonable prices. 

Concentrates – 4/5

The selection of concentrates at Virtue Supply Company was slightly limited given their recent opening, however they still had a nice variety to choose from. Processors such as Dirty Arm Farm, Alpine Extracts, NW Kind and Shango had a few different selections of concentrates shelved for reasonable prices. The extracts were displayed with price and THC percentage in clear view.  


Environment – 5/5

The layout of Virtue Supply Company is incredibly impressive. A spacious waiting room awaits customers when they first walk in with local artwork all over the walls. The front lobby showcases a rock and gem display. Walking back into the medicine room reveals custom wooden accents and displays done by local design company, Overkill Design & Creation.

Overall – 18/20

Virtue Supply Company is a great destination for top shelf products across the board. The unique and quality selection of flower, concentrates and edibles keep the connoisseurs and your average recreational customer coming back for more.


Virtue Supply Company
510 NW 11th Ave. | Portland
Facebook: VirtueSupplyCompany
Open 10am-10pm daily
(971) 940-6624


20.27% THC / This beautiful cross of Platinum Girl Scout Cookie and Oregon Huckleberry was bred by Dynasty Genetics. This phenotype grown by Higher Minds Horticulture has a beautiful purple coloring from both the parent strains. The nugs are rather small in size, but are relatively dense and easy to break up. The smoke is smooth and clean with each hit burning to a clear white ash. The flavor is rather subtle, with hints of fruit and cream that could be detected on the end of each hit. Effects are relaxing and tiring as a few hits of this had me falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m. This hard hitting strain is a great sleep aid and is most effective in combating insomnia conditions. ($35/3.5g)


28.96% THC / 0.74% CBD / Originally bred by Exotic Genetics, this version by Resin Ranchers carries a sweet and creamy terpene profile that is unmistakable, if you’ve tried the strain before. This phenotype, grown by Resin Ranchers, is no exception. Popping the container reveals a sweet, orange cream soda smell that stings the nostrils with childhood nostalgia. The buds are dense and packed with clear trichome heads. I smoked this flower in the form of two smaller joints. The creamy profile is very noticeable on the inhale, while a more funky, OG taste could be detected on the exhale. Each joint burned smoothly and evenly, however the ash burned slightly blacker than expected as more time flushing during the feedings might be needed. I recommend this strain to consumers looking for a heavy hitting, relaxing strain that is great to end the work day with. ($40/3.5g)