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April 05, 2016 | WillFerguson

Tasty Reviews. Photos by Daniel Berman.


marionberry-score.jpgWyld Canna is a relatively new company to the Oregon medical marijuana scene with their raspberry (sativa) and marionberry (indica) fruit gummies. There are four pieces per pack, each individually wrapped and medicated with 25mg of either sativa or indica oil. The packaging is a neat hexagonal box that can easily be opened and sealed depending on how many gummies you feel like eating. We decided to consume the entire box. The marionberry did a great job at concealing the canna flavor while also tasting natural. The effects are incredibly intoxicating as I was couchlocked and pain-free after two gummies. Consuming the entire box might have been too much. 

Given my high tolerance, I recommend these edibles to patients looking to experiment with higher dosages and those suffering from conditions such as nausea, chronic pain and insomnia. @Wyld.Canna


cbd-syrup-score.jpgDirty Arm Farm’s THC Lean Back Sizurp is widely available at dispensaries across Oregon, and now comes the CBD version. Adabinol is a high-CBD syrup derived from high-quality, organic Cannabis, not industrial hemp. The syrup comes in a 1fl oz bottle that usually retails for roughly $15. The sole flavor is cherry, and goes well with a variety of hot and cold drinks. The syrup mixes completely into the drink, unlike the others we have tried on the market that collect at the bottom. Adabinol is ideal for patients looking to keep their THC consumption low and their CBD consumption high for various conditions. We found Adabinol to be very relaxing and sleepy. Within minutes after consuming some, we were couchlocked and just about ready for bed as we could barely keep our eyes open.