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May 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Tasty reviews of Elbe’s Edibles’ Lemondoodles, Frozen Budz’ Toker Chai Tea, and Frozen Budz’ THC Stars. By Wes Abney and Will Ferguson.


Medicated snickerdoodlesfrom the folks at Elbe’s Edibles are some of the tastiest treats available on the recreational market. The cookies have 25mg of THC each, and are available in single and two-packs. 

A cutting guide is included in each package, so consumers can dose the cookies into 5mg portions. Elbe’s uses high quality organic Cannabis to infuse their butter. A mix of premium buds and sugar leaf trim is infused into Elbe’s sweet cream butter made in house. 

This medicated butter binds with the body for a longer, more intense high. 

Each cookie has a great citrus zest flavor that hides the Cannabis flavor completely. I ingested an entire two-pack of Lemon Doodles, roughly 50mg of THC. The effects took a little longer to kick in than usual, but they were long-lasting and potent. The high is couchlocking, giggly and sedative, making these cookies a great option to consume before a movie, or as a relaxing treat at the end of the day. Look for more of Elbe’s Edibles products to hit the shelf soon, as they constantly roll out new recipes from their commercial kitchen.

lemondoodles-score.jpgElbe’s edibles  ElbesEdibles.com

Available at: Collective Awakenings, Discovery Cannabis, Electric Lettuce, Cherry City Compassion, Green Goddess Remedies and many more.


Everybody wants to feel like a star, and Frozen Budz as delivered a way to be one and eat one at the same time! These tasty little stars are a tasty two-bite option that is reminiscent of truffles but with a distinctly Cannabis kick. Which basically means it’s impossible to only eat one.We cracked open the six-pack of bites and grabbed one, ready to get our edible buzz on, and were surprised at how delicious they were. The chocolate has a soft bite and a mild green taste that compliments and balances out the chocolate truffle notes. 

thc-stars-score.jpgEating two or three of these bites is enough to satisfy both chocolate cravings and deliver a buzz, and just like the Toker Chai Tea, we found the dosage to have a little extra strength that we didn’t expect. These bites hit a little harder than the 5mg suggests, and we aren’t complaining. Try out the full line of Frozen Budz edibles for a variety of yummy treats, all with a solid of Cannabis for fun. ($30, six servings)


We were so excited to try out the first infused drink in Alaska from the first licensed edible company in the state, and we weren’t disappointed. The Toker Chai Tea is a tasty and easy way to get high without the bother of smoking or hitting a vape pen. We sat down on a sunny afternoon with one cold out of the fridge, cracked it open and prepared for a relaxing and yummy treat.

toker-chai-tea-score.jpgThe chai flavor was wonderful and had a lightly creamy consistency with a smooth mouthfeel. We drank it cold and absolutely loved it, a refreshing and tasty treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast or really as a snack at any time of the day.

The pro-tip from Frozen Budz is to lightly heat the chai over the stove until warm, add a little honey, and sip as a hot beverage. That’s the perfect way to end a day, but expect to get a little sleepy if you are consuming this warm. 

Either way, the effects are surprisingly potent and this drink has some power for only 20mg, and between the high and the taste it’s worth a try. ($20, four servings)