Thu, Jul 9, 2020

May 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Expanding minds with the power of conversation, food and Cannabis. Photos by Amber Fouts.


The world of gourmet food is slowly opening up to meet the Cannabis plant, and the result can be an absolutely beautiful and once in a lifetime experience. I was invited out to a private residence in West Seattle for a special dinner that promised to delight both the taste buds and mind, with a six course menu of delicious food and Cannabis. 

How could I say no? So, at 6 p.m. on 4/20, I took my last dab before dinner and headed out the door to see what the creative team behind the event had to offer.

One of the best parts about Cannabis is that it can be paired with food or beverages in an endless variety of ways. The theme to this dinner was to pair regular—read: non-infused—food and non-alcoholic beverages with Cannabis in the smoked form.


The brainchild of KC Franks, owner of (Lux) Pot Shop, and Chef Derek Simcik, Executive Chef of the Thompson in Seattle, the dinner was a masterful trip into the art of food. 

The idea came from another dinner that Chef Derek held with a tattoo theme, and it inspired this Cannabis version.

First off, let me say that the food being created by Chef Derek is pushing the best edges of gourmet cooking, and that anyone interested should stop by the Thompson. 

Arriving at the dinner a few minutes early, I was stunned to see a beautiful long table for 20 guests, complete with Cannabis place settings and a variety of flowers and joints ready to smoke.  

The kitchen was in full go mode, and the open-air layout between that and the dining area meant we got to watch the team in action on the food.  I was sitting closest to the aptly named Julie Weed of Forbes and the New York Times, Pam Mendel of the San Francisco Chronicle, Alex Cooley of Solstice and Alison Draisin, a writer friend and all-around Cannabis industry superstar. 

I immediately knew I was in for a unique time.

Besides eating and smoking, the main purpose of the dinner was to bring a wide variety of people together for a conversation about Cannabis, and how the plant industry and perceptions are changing in part due to events like this.



We started with our first joint, a high CBD Sour Tsunami from Solstice, and then we were explained the format: Each course would be brought out with a custom beverage and a joint, all designed to blend and flow the evening together. 

There was a true sense of excitement and raw epic-ness as we all sparked joints, the open-air room lightly billowing with smoke as a team of servers placed our courses in front of us. 

The menu was too extensive to list, but my favorite pairing was the Halibut Cheeks with Dutchberry from Artizen, and both the plate and the flower were exceptionally done. 

I also really enjoyed the #9 Hammer from Trail Blazin Productions with the Veal Cheeks, and the Gorilla Glue #4 from Gold Leaf paired with a wild Morrels plate was just spectacular.


The group talked about social justice, Cannabis law and changes, the meaning and future of 4/20, and a variety of other topics close to the Cannabis industry. It was enlightening and slightly surreal to be taking hits from a joint while eating 5-star food and talking criminal justice reform and taking Cannabis on airplanes, but that was what made the dinner so special. 

The six courses took us on a journey across Washington through food, with a coastal, mountains, lowlands and several other pairings. 

Finishing with a spectacular fruit and sorbet dessert plus a mocktail and Black Cherry Soda from Royal Tree, the night ended blissfully.

We all settled in for a Cannagar and a final bit of conversation as 4/20 wound its way down. 

As I left the house after hours of incredible food, company and Cannabis, I knew I had just witnessed the future of 4/20 and foodie heaven.