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October 07, 2017 | WES ABNEY

The Hemp Issue!


October 2017


I am excited to shine a light on some of the pioneering farms growing hemp on the West Coast, and to get the chance to show the beauty as well as the sustainability hemp brings to the table. 
Truthfully and personally, I believe hemp can change the world!
Our planet is being destroyed by humanity choosing to ignore a sustainable option by killing trees, burning oil, petrochemicals and discount a healthy and nutritious source of food and medicine that can meet almost all needs as a society.
Hemp is the only plant that gives back to the Earth while healing as a bio accumulator, pulling heavy metals, toxins and radiation out of the soil, which is why it can be found growing at nuclear sites like Chernobyl.
Where we really need hemp growing is in backyards across the country. Not merely because of the billions of dollars it can save as an industrial product, and not just because of the enormous medical benefits. It can be as simple as harvesting hemp seeds for a healthy snack.     
It’s about freedom. As a society, we have come far enough that we must demand the freedom to grow an industrial plant that causes no harm. Our world needs a new source of food, fuel, fiber and energy—and we can start spreading it in backyard gardens. 
Just as our own government asked citizens to grow hemp for victory in World War II, we must again call on our brothers and sisters to plant hemp for victory. Victory over the petrochemical companies that destroy our lands and poison our waters. Victory over the logging companies that would rather cut old growth forest than lobby to use hemp. Victory over the pharmaceutical companies that would rather patent CBD from hemp or THC from Cannabis than see people treat themselves. 
There is a War on Drugs, and a battle for our planet’s survival and hemp is at the center of it all. I encourage you to learn more about this plant, to find out how you can plant your own hemp garden and to help change the world one plant at a time.

– Wes Abney


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