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April 03, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

The glass issue is always one of our favorites of the year!


April 2017


The Glass Issue is always one of my favorites of the year and this one doesn’t disappoint. We have some incredible pieces hand-made by artists across Oregon, with new styles, shapes and colors that we haven’t shown before. I really hope you like what we have to share!

This being our 4/20 issue, I thought I would touch a little on the legend of the only holiday that self-identifying “stoners” have. What makes 4/20 so special? Was it really a police call sign for Cannabis possession? No. Was it because 4/20 is the best time of day to smoke pot? No, every time is a good time to enjoy. 

Is it because there are 420 good reasons to smoke pot, right now? Yes, and no! The truth is, we may not know what led to our holidaze and the number internationally recognized as being stoner friendly, but now that the urban legend portion can be laid to rest, I think it’s time we made it official.

A federal holiday on 4/20? Maybe someday. What if there comes a time where April 20 is the day we remember all the people who went to prison for a plant? Our fathers and mothers and cousins and brothers and friends who were locked in a cage for possessing something that came from the earth. To my way of thinking, that would make 4/20 a truly special holiday. A day of remembrance, of celebration of our culture, and the simple fact that it survived prohibition and a chance to fight pain and fear with sweet clouds of smoke. And a few stoner jokes!

This 4/20, I hope you get out and celebrate access to legal Cannabis, and the jobs, tax revenue and lives our plant changes, both as a medicine and a recreational drug that is safer than alcohol. If you think about it, we really do have a lot to be thankful for, and picking a day for that makes a lot of sense. Happy 4/20, and thank you for reading and sharing the Leaf! Please feel free to roll a joint on us this month.

Thanks for reading!

~Wes Abney, Editor


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