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February 06, 2018 | WES ABNEY

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February 2018


To celebrate, I’m sharing a story about how Cannabis first entered my lifestyle, and what a wake-up call it was, in a moment that I now get to laugh about. The first time I got caught smoking weed was my senior year of high school. I had just hotboxed my Jeep with three friends and two blunts, and it was reeking of pot.

As I pulled into my driveway I quickly realized my truck would be reeking for hours if I didn’t take action, so I carefully adjusted all four windows down exactly 3 inches and headed inside, ignoring the incessant Seattle rain.

About an hour later I was reading a book in bed when my Mom entered my room and asked for my keys. Being a (stoned) good son I tossed them to her, went back to reading, and completely forgot about my hotboxed truck. Like a scene from That 70’s Show, my parents took turns yelling at me, and I’ll never forget my Dad turning to my Mom and saying, “Look at him, he isn’t even listening, he’s stoned!”

In that moment two direct things went through my mind. The first, I was screwed and definitely losing my car access for a few weeks. But the second was more transcendental and changed my life and view on Cannabis permanently– I was getting in trouble for smoking, coming home on time, and thoroughly enjoying a book. It seemed ludicrous, to be causing no harm and still receiving major trouble, all over a little weed.

The reason I share this story is to spread the lesson I learned that day, many years before I ever thought about becoming a Cannabis activist. The “stoner” lifestyle is nothing more than a celebration of life and activities that people already enjoy, with a plant that enhances and helps, and causes no harm.

As I look back on all the bad decisions available to myself as a teenager, Cannabis was definitely on the least-harmful spectrum of possible choices. I’m thankful for that moment today, because I never again questioned if smoking weed was bad for me, or my lifestyle. Not surprisingly, I still love smoking a fatty and relaxing with a good book!

But there is so much more that people do with weed, and that’s what this issue celebrates.

All the different aspects of life, the amazing people, the wonderful creativity, all of which comes with a “stoner” label.

I am proud to help shift the paradigm surrounding Cannabis, and to celebrate all that Cannabis adds to life.

– Wes Abney


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