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January 05, 2018 | NORTHWEST LEAF

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January 2018


Genetics is the basis for every dank puff or toke we’ve all ever taken, and it is exciting for us to take a look inside the world that defines the strains we smoke.

I personally have the utmost respect for the people who’ve taken the risk to breed and develop strains over the last 40 to 50 years, when breeding and growing was highly illegal and risky. Nothing compares to the passion required to breed Cannabis in the black market, and because of the risks growers took, we now have strains such as OG Kush, DJ Short Blueberry and more. We owe the breeders who’ve built this industry a thanks, and this is our tip of the hat to those putting in real work.

Our issue explores the House of Cultivar tissue culture lab, where plants are being grown from a cellular level in a lab. Tissue culturing of Cannabis is going to revolutionize how companies grow and store Cannabis in the future, and we are proud to share the new technology with the industry. Plus, House of Cultivar produces some serious fire, and I definitely recommend checking out the product when in Washington.

This month I also sat down with the infamous James Bean, the founder of Seeds Here Now, whose genetic preservation kits have helped spread strains across all 50 states. Learn how he earned his name, what inspired him to start a seed bank before it was the cool thing to do and hear his opinion on “pollen chuckers,” hype strains and more.

We also compiled a great set of lists this year with all the strains that you should grow, kill off, throw outdoors and more. Check out new breeder profiles, a great budtender and patient storyand hot reviews all wrapped up into this sweet edition of the Leaf as well. I hope that the New Year blesses you with plenty of ganja and good company, and that you get the chance to try out one of our genetic recommendations!

– Wes Abney


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