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July 08, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Thank you for reading our third annual Concentrates issue!


July 2017


I’ll never forget my first dab in early 2011, off a hot nail in the back room of a medical collective in Bellingham, surrounded by plants and Rasta posters. I had been smoking Cannabis for years and by then was a well-versed medical patient, but that first dab hit me like a freight train filled with love and THC. I coughed like hell as 
the terp tears flowed and I fell re-in love with Mary Jane.

Since that day, I have always pushed the magazine and the industry toward the best concentrates possible, and that passion has led to our annual Concentrates issue. This year’s is our most comprehensive yet, highlighting dozens of quality brands and types of extraction ranging from traditional oils like CO2 or BHO as well as new forms like Water Tech, THCA and dabbable Ethanol Hash Oil. Learning new ways to extract cannabinoids is helping the industry move forward in providing the best medicine and the safest recreational high possible.

As a frequent dabber, one of my biggest concerns for my own health and the health of Cannabis consumers is residual solvents. Recently Oregon and Washington both adjusted residual solvent levels to a 5,000 parts per million (ppm) limit on most common chemicals used in the extraction of Cannabis. This is in keeping with federal guidelines built around industrial and household solvent exposures, not vaporizing concentrated oils. We need to push our legislatures and health departments to reconsider how we look at solvents in extracts, and ensure that people can dab safely and enjoy the benefits of Cannabis without being exposed to unsafe levels of solvents.

I hope that this issue helps put concentrates into perspective, and helps you to learn something new about the plant that we all love and share. And check out the rest of the issue too! We have great strain reviews, new recipes and book reviews and much more for you to enjoy!

– Wes Abney


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