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June 06, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Seven years in print, and we couldn’t have done it without you!


June 2017


Each month I feelmore and more blessed to have the opportunity to share these magazines with our readers across three states. I started the Leaf as a project to propel me into law school, but it has transformed into a career and a lifestyle that has brought me intense joy and pride in the plant, and in the magazine’s ability to connect to people and change perceptions about a plant we all think we know.

Our first issuewas a 16-page newsprint production of 10,000 copies, and we haven’t slowed down since. Literally and figuratively, because producing these magazines takes a ton of work! I am extremely grateful to the team, especially Daniel Berman, who has been taking our beautiful photos and laying out the magazine for all these years. The team behind the Leaf works really hard to put together all this beautiful content with a strong, independent message, and I am humbled and amazed each month by what we get to publish!

Today’s pot industryis a lot different than it was two years ago, let alone where my journey with it began in 2010. The regulations, growth and volatility of legal pot have brought tremendous change to the weed world, but the Leaf has been able to carry on through the changes, documenting and sharing a view from the inside of the best our industry has to offer. After all these years I am just as excited for the future as I was in 2010, and confident that national and global change is coming that will benefit humanity when it comes to Cannabis and Hemp. The plant provides food, fuel, medicine and recreation and I feel good knowing that the world is becoming a better place, at least in that one area. 

As always, thanks for reading the Leaf, and helping support our vision of a free publication that serves the industry, patients, connoisseurs and new users alike with truth, great pot reviews and interesting stories.

~Wes Abney, Editor


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