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November 10, 2017 | WES ABNEY

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November 2017


This special edition takes us on a journey through the giant outdoor Cannabis plants of Washington and Southern Oregon. These are the true giants, the old growth of Cannabis, that started as clones or seeds popping last February and March in preparation for a long summer of sunshine and growth.

We’ve refined our harvest issue over the years to only include full term Cannabis plants, those grown in a single season lasting months, not light deprived greenhouse plants. Don’t get me wrong… I personally love light dep greenhouse Cannabis, but there is something special about the full season process. For the farmers and the plants, the risk and love is evident, as both rush to finish their cycle before the weather turns sour.

The best part about the harvest is the farmers who have worked all year to grow their crop. This is where pot meets traditional agriculture fully. Whether growing potatoes or Cannabis, a lot of energy, sweat and faith go into growing a yearly crop. Many of the farmers I spoke with personally talked of the stress and fear of weather, of bugs, and of staking a year’s income and livelihood on a plant that grows outdoor from June until October. It is a beautiful and humble process, and one that we are proud and excited to share with our readers.

I encourage all our readers to look for a full term, sungrown outdoor product this year at the local pot shop and give it a try. Smoke a fatty of some terpy, beautiful outdoor– and as you inhale be mindful of the fact that someone spent nine months growing that plant for you to enjoy. It’s a heady thought, and makes for a mindful and fun session that might have you wanting to grow your own outdoor giant next year!

– Wes Abney


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