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September 07, 2017 | WES ABNEY

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September 2017


what a summer it has been, with beautiful weather all across the amazing Pacific Northwest! I hope you’ve gotten a chance to enjoy the outdoors, the clean air and water we all cherish, and the opportunity to share time with loved ones. For me, the summer is always like a blink and it’s gone, but always full of good memories. Here’s to a warm and festive September, and hopefully as fall settles in, our national mindset can take a big breath of chill. And hopefully a toke.

What really stands out to me from this summer is our country’s battle against hate. So I chose to use this space to share my thoughts, instead of talking about how great this issue is [don’t worry, it’s awesome]. 

So here are my two cents: Hatred, racism and bigotry have no place in our country, and as a Cannabis community we need to be vocal about social injustice. Anyone who has smoked pot prior to legalization knows what it feels like to live in fear for a choice. Those being targeted by hate groups don’t have the luxury of choosing their skin color, sexual identity or religion the way we chose to smoke pot before it was legal. The Cannabis community is diverse and covers all walks of life, and we can send a message to the world by leading with love — Cannabis is safer than hate.

This message also works against prohibitionists. Earlier in the month, I was told that I was endangering families smoking a bowl in a music and bar district in Bellingham, Wash., while others around smoked cigarettes and drank heavily. A simple smile, a peaceful offering of information, and a parting message of “marijuana is safer” can be enough to change a mind, and a choice that might lead someone to pick up a pipe and let go of fear, hatred or misinformation.

Further, I want to state my belief that using the first amendment defense to spread messages of hate is not acceptable in our democratic society. As an independent publisher, I have followed the free speech arguments carefully, and have come to a simple conclusion. We must be accountable for our words as well as our actions, and as a country we need to demand this from our citizens and our leaders. 

We must not let hatred win. Since Cannabis first came into my life, I have always believed it had the power to change the world. And this is a direct way for us as users of a safer plant to spread truth, light and as Bob Marley said, an herb “for the healing of the nation.”
Thanks for reading the Leaf, and sharing our hard work with those who need enlightenment about the plant we all love.

– Wes Abney


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