March 02, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Cranberry-coconut walnut cookie bites, Grön chocolate, and Candy Jewels.


cranberry-coconut-thumb-package.jpgThe Cranberry Coconut Walnut cookies from Baker Bros are a great way to discretely medicate while also enjoying a sugary treat. Each cookie contains about 4mg of THC, making it easy to dose out for all tolerances. The cookies are covered in cranberries that compliment the flavor of the cookie dough well. There is little to no Cannabis taste present, as I was able to down the entire bag in one sitting. After about 45 minutes, I began to feel a lethargic couch-locking high coming on. I would recommend these edibles to consumers with chronic pain or insomnia, as they provide a very tiring experience.

($15 / 10 cookies // By Baker Bros.) 


These tasty hard candies come with a variety of flavors in each package. Each Jewel contains a little over 1mg of THC, making it easy for those unsure of their tolerance to find their perfect dosage. The ingredients could be more carefully sourced, as there are alternative ways to achieve coloring without the use of artificial ingredients. The effects are very mild and pleasant. I ingested about 7mg of THC and started to feel a mild buzz just 45 minutes later. The effects are functional and uplifting, perfect for discreetly medicating during the work day. Look for more Wana Brands products on the shelf as they prepare to roll out their full recreational edible lineup.

($6 / 8 pieces // By Wana Brands)


Packaging: The 1:1 (equal parts of THC and CBD) is the black box. I love the packaging of Grön Chocolate because they have always taken pride in the presentation of their chocolate. The packaging is child-resistant and fully contained, meaning you can safely put any uneaten chocolate back into the packaging for later use. Plus all of Grön’s packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Bonus points for not needing an exit bag!

Looks: The edible bar is sleek and unblemished, and stamped neatly with “Grön” on every rectangle. It can easily be broken off into 10 small servings of chocolate with 4mg each of THC and CBD per piece. It looks like a piece of fancy, artisanal chocolate like at a New Seasons Market.

Taste: Pure magic. I can faintly detect Cannabis within the chocolate, but those new to Cannabis chocolate would have a hard time tasting any greenness at all. The quality of the cacao is the first detail to shine through. The salt complements the cacao in perfect unison, making Grön chocolate all the more addictive. The chocolate melts down in your mouth to a silky consistency, free of any residual grittiness. I’m salting all of my chocolate from now on.

Effect: I would highly recommend this chocolate for those new to edible highs. CBD dulls the strength of THC, leaving you with a very mellow high. An edible fiend (or medical patient) like myself might not feel the high at all. I do not enjoy the 1:1 for the high; I enjoy it for anti-inflammatory properties that assist in pain relief. That’s why I suggest eating a couple of bars before sex. The 1:1 calms my anxiety and takes the edge off not just before/during sex, but other parts of my life too. It’s the perfect dose for social situations. I wouldn’t recommend the 1:1 if you have a high THC edible tolerance. However, I would recommend it over things like ibuprofen and not think twice. If you are new to edibles, try a 1:1. It won’t rattle you, but you’ll ride out a decent buzz. I am not a doctor, just a weed-thirsty Portlander who wants you to safely enjoy Oregon’s newest recreation.


TASTING TIP: If you want to feel the effects of the chocolate come on faster, dissolve the chocolate in your mouth without swallowing. You should feel the high in about 45 minutes. If you want to delay the high, swallow your chocolate and let the Cannabis absorption happen in your stomach. You should feel the high come on in two to three hours. Recommended by Grön’s owner and founder, Christine Smith.

Image courtesy of Webmaster | Leaf Nation