Thu, Feb 20, 2020

March 02, 2017 | BobMontoya

An occasional column highlighting growers crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields.


cashys-honey.jpgThere is a lot of turmoil  in the Cannabis industry with pending legislation and conflicting perceptions of reality. It is time to sit back and focus. Some say that the Cannabis industry is still too “wild west” and “under-regulated.” I say that is the way it should be. It is this very quality that allows groundbreaking discoveries at such a sustained rate. 

It would be incomprehensible to imagine that Big Pharma would be able to generate a cure as quickly as the Cash Hyde Foundation and their supporters have.

Cashy’s Honey was the answer for young Cash Hyde, who sadly lost the battle with cancer before the medicine could become available for him. Although it was not made in time to save him, this medicine is fortunately now available to others in similar need.

A mix of DulcaCanna and AK 47, Cashy’s Honey is a unique blend of CBN, CBC and CBD that is touted to be an excellent cancer fighter. Integrity Testing provided a comprehensive breakdown of the active ingredients:  THC 8.9%, CBN 3.0%, CBC 1.7% and a whopping CBD 18.3%.


The bulk of these plants will go to concentrate form for specific patients. It was an honor to experience the definition of a Micro Strain.

The dried flower has a sweet oily aroma with a hint of citrus. At first glance the leaves look gray, but closer inspection reveals a bed of medicine-filled trichomes, with little if any leaf surface visible. 

Vaporizing renders a quick body and mind relief with just enough Sativa influence to keep you alert. Contact the Cash Hyde Foundation for availability. 

Mike Hyde has been a kind of “Johnny Appleseed,” spreading clones far and wide. Kris Haskins of Sonshine Organics nurtured the first flowers of Cashy’s Honey shown here.

We are at a crossroad, with truly medical Cannabis desperately hanging in the balance — we must not lose focus. Growing this flower is no easy task. There are so many things that can go wrong that even the best experts are stumped once in a while. 

We need patients. Make your voices heard. Cashy’s Honey is hope.