Tue, Jul 14, 2020

February 04, 2018 | NORTHWEST LEAF

By Miguel Miggy. Miguel aka Miggy420 counters the negative spin from law enforcement by publicly calling them out on their Cannabis lies. He has been banned from numerous pages, but he isn’t letting a little thing like that stop his message.


While the profiteers of prohibition continue to manipulate legalization efforts and promote reefer madness, America should focus on common sense and truth. Marijuana is nontoxic; there is no other way to say this. The United States has perpetrated the greatest lie in history by letting people believe a beneficial plant was a harmful drug.

For me, it’s one injustice at a time, and it’s realigning the focus of the drug war that has the highest social justice impact and benefit. Each minute of every day in America there’s a sick or kidnapped child or adult who loses their freedom for a plant. Kidnapped is the word I use for imprisonment.

Officials who follow the rules want to curtail conspiracy fears by convincing you that bad guys sit behind bars, but this is not true. The drug war doesn’t just ruin lives, it takes lives, and now is the time for peaceful civil disobedience.


Until Cannabis is legal nationally, as legal as tomatoes to share, trade and sell, our work as a community is not done. Until Cannabis is legal every arrest, prosecution, event, march or protest is important. And you can help this cause with a simple like or a share. Along with changing laws in states and federally, we need to call out those willing to ruin a life in the name of a bad law.

No longer should we be paralyzed by fear or anger watching people locked in cages for a plant. But instead of saying “Fuck the Police,” let’s “Troll the Police.”

As the nation’s favorite marijuana troll sweetheart on America’s number three most visited Cannabis site, I have to say the time for negotiations and kindness are over when it comes to sentiments on the drug war. The “just doing your job” is no longer acceptable from the police, from the justice system, from my America.

Please help us support our message of freedom, equality and accountability by doing your part in ending Cannabis prohibition. Share the message! Nobody deserves jail for a plant!