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February 04, 2018 | SimoneFischer

How Cannabis provides relief from tremors: After a commercial kitchen accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury eight years ago, 27-year-old Chelsea Williams began using Cannabis to help relieve pain and tremors on the right side of her body.


After a commercial kitchen accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury eight years ago, 27-year-old Chelsea Williams began using Cannabis to help relieve pain and tremors on the right side of her body.

Williams didn’t start smoking weed until she was 18. She said she was no stranger to substance abuse and once believed that Cannabis was just as bad as hard drugs.

Her early avoidance stems from watching people close to her struggle with demons and addiction. Williams never considered Cannabis until one of her close friends disclosed that he smoked Cannabis to treat his asthma.


“This was my super-smart friend who was smoking weed to help with asthma? I couldn’t believe it. I always associated Cannabis with the lazy stoner stereotype, and he was not only brilliant, but also successful in his field of work. After that, I figured Cannabis might be something worth looking into.”

Once Williams turned 18, she moved out and got her first apartment and promptly began experimenting with Cannabis.

As Williams began her journey with the plant, it started out as pure recreational fun. As she was learning more about the Cannabis community, life began throwing major curveballs.

“I unknowingly started to date a heroin addict and he inevitably started stealing from my apartment. He was taking everything, but I was so naïve and I didn’t want to face the truth,” Williams said.

“Finally, one night it all came to a point. I had to pee badly and he wouldn’t let me in the bathroom. I finally broke in and I found him with foil and a lighter and the strangest, almost sweet smell hung in the air. I didn’t know it was specifically heroin at the time, but I knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing that and I lost my shit.”

Life is fickle and when it rains in the Northwest, it pours. At the height of ending her toxic relationship, Williams endured a traumatic head injury while she was working at a bakery.

She recalled how she was washing dishes when a 20-pound basket full of metal tongs fell directly on her head.

“I stumbled back and my co-worker caught me. I had to convince management this happened, so I eventually traveled to the hospital because I couldn’t put words together. I could see the words, but I couldn’t say them. I went to the emergency room and got a CT scan and MRI and the results revealed my traumatic brain injury. I had to take two weeks off from work to recover—doctor’s orders,” Williams said. “And all of this was happening alongside a painful breakup.”

Williams turned to Cannabis in order to heal herself physically and spiritually.

“After the kitchen accident, I developed tremors on the right side of my body. I have always been a lover of flower and believe it is better suited for my needs and relationship with Cannabis,” she said.


Williams relies on products with 1:1 and 3:1 CBD:THC ratios to help her condition.

“I use capsules, topicals, edibles or transdermal patches. For flower depending on my headspace, I try to keep a cerebral strain, and a strain that heavily sedates the body. My usual arsenal consists of Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches, TKO Kingpins, flower and a good homemade full-flower edible or capsule,” Williams said.

Williams started working as a grower for TKO Reserve in southern Oregon after her accident.

“I use Mochi (Gelato 47) grown on our farm to help with tremors. I typically flare up during times of duress and anxiety, so find Cannabis allows me to be calm and receptive while diminishing tremors. It allows me to keep a creative flow which is necessary while working.”

She put her life into Cannabis and encourages people with traumatic brain injuries to look into Cannabis as a treatment option.

Be sure to discuss your own Cannabis options with a physician.

“If it was easy, I’d tell you to do exactly what I do and use the cannabinoid spectrums that work well for me. But the truth is, without experimenting on your own – it’s hard to give a straight answer,” Williams said.

“Having an educated grower or budtender to discuss what has or hasn’t worked well is important. Personally, when I focus on my diet and keep up on exercising, it improves how extreme the tremors are and affects how much Cannabis I have to consume to help with the ailment.”