Sat, Aug 8, 2020

February 03, 2017 | SimoneFischer

Delivery services won’t be able to operate standalone shops.


The Portland City Council unanimously voted to allow Oregon Cannabis “courier” businesses to open up shop in December 2016 “in a move to ease financial barriers for entrepreneurs,” as reported by The Oregonian. Essentially, weed delivery can immediately begin. Many people go without transportation in Portland, and this new service fills that void. Oregon medical marijuana patients can also benefit from this service if they shop at a participating recreational Cannabis retailer.


All new courier businesses require a licensed headquarters in a building that meets all of the many Cannabis permits and zoning rules. Couriers can only sell products through delivery, and they cannot sell directly through storefronts, which still have to remain 1,000 feet away from a licensed Cannabis business. Businesses already set up at a current address are exempt from this rule.

Weed delivery is just one approach to the newly passed regulations. Now, think Etsy for Cannabis in Oregon. Steep regulation and overhead costs turn away many would-be mom-and-pop Cannabis business in Oregon. True, native business can begin to blossom out of the Northwest.

“Micro” businesses can now enter the market and be competitive without the heavy financial backing that is required of dispensary or extraction businesses. Shops or grows can now open up and deliver directly. Remember those online wine clubs? Cannabis could eventually be delivered in the same way.

Given the hellacious winter Portland experienced in January,  Cannabis delivery could come as a vital option to those who cannot easily leave their house. The intensity of snow and ice as of 2017 could help propel new courier business. After working, picking up the kids, grocery shopping and cooking dinner, adding “buying weed” to a to-do list can seem futile. Imagine if we could have Oregon Cannabis delivered straight to our doorsteps (with proof of ID, of course).