Thu, Jul 2, 2020

February 04, 2018 | SteveElliott

Hapy Kitchen’s Paleo Bar is a great choice for those seeking healthier edible options.


cranberry-almond-paleo-bar-score.jpg50mg THC per bar / This is the most nutritious edible available on the recreational market, thanks to simple ingredients like cranberries, dates, almonds and sunflower lecithin that make it suitable for people with vegan, gluten free and sugar free diets.

The bar comes packaged in a Mylar envelope that is continually childproof.

The texture is soft and chewy, similar to a Clif Bar. I ingested the entire edible and waited about 45 minutes before feeling any effects. The high is subtle; I felt relaxed and drowsy as the edible helped me achieve a deeper state of sleep.

The bar is medicated with distillate, which is pretty apparent in each bite from the bitterness of the Cannabis extract.

The Paleo Bar is a great choice for those seeking healthier edible options —since most of the special treats in dispensaries today are chock full of sugar, fat, dairy, artificial dyes, flavors and other unhealthy ingredients that counteract the benefits of the Cannabis.

Available from Foster Buds, Alberta Green House, Rip City Delivery, Local Leaf, Silver Stem Cannabis and more.