Thu, Jun 4, 2020

February 04, 2018 | WES ABNEY

Processed by Einstein Labs.


A delicious blend of terpene sauce and distillate, this is the best tasting cartridge that Einstein Labs has produced in a trend we expect to see sweeping across the regulated Cannabis market.

This state-of-the-art blending technique combines the best of the worlds of concentrates. The first part is pure distillate, refined by Einstein in the normal process. This factionalizes the THC to high percentages, but removes a lot of the flavor and natural terpenes from the oil in the process. To bring the flavor and terpenes back, Einstein has taken BHO terpene sauce, the top or first layer of the extraction process, and combined that back in with the distillate for a 50-50 blend.


The end result is an extremely flavorful and potent vapor, and a much mellower and lighter smoke that is true bliss to inhale. The proof is in the cannabinoid profile, which is rich with cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC). The CBG is a known mood elevator, and CBD and CBC are both highly medicinal, making for a valuable concentrate that still gets you stoned.

Each puff of the pen releases a rich, warm blueberry vapor that tingles the palate with rich terpenes. Effects hit quickly, providing a stony indica high that relaxes the mind and body.

The giggles build quickly within the first 30 minutes of use, then settles into a multi-hour relaxing and euphoric body high. We loved the blueberry high in the slim top kit, which was still rich in flavor but not quite on the same level as the sauce blend. The vapor was definitely thicker and louder, with fat clouds on the exhale, and the effects were equally fun, with a more cerebrally numbing indica high.

While the Glass Top blend had a more uplifting euphoric high, we found the straight blueberry distillate to be sedating, but in a fun drooling-during-a-movie sort of way. Perfect for night time or pain, the straight distillate is a great call when you want to get old-school stoned. Check out these pen blends and more from Einstein, with delicious concentrates also available in dab-able form at your favorite local shop.
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