Sat, Aug 8, 2020

August 03, 2017 | WillFerguson

These delicious cake bites are shaped like mini muffins and come packaged in a fun, white pop-top container.


almond-cake-bites-quote_1.jpgThese delicious cake bites are shaped like mini muffins and come packaged in a white pop-top container.

Each muffin is topped with shaved almonds to add texture and flavor. The Cannabis flavor is completely masked by the rich, sweet flavor of the almonds, making it easy to throw back a couple bites. I ingested three of the almond cakes (six doses) after work the other night and felt the effects within 45 minutes.

The high is rather psychoactive, but also calming as it made me disconnect from the real world and enter into a relaxed state, great for winding down from the work week. Half a bite is a strong 4.5mg so I suggest consumers start with one-fourth of the bite. This edible is particularly useful for those needing to medicate during the day but cannot smoke, as the bites are discreet and long lasting.

Look for more products from Laurie and Mary Jane to hit OLCC retailers soon like their fudge brownie bites and savory nut mixes.