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November 03, 2016 | WES ABNEY

November’s ‘Tasty’ edible reviews!


tasty-cloud-bars-score.jpgThere is something simply comforting about a granola bar that other snacks just don’t deliver. Perhaps it’s the simple goodness when compared to most snacks, infused or not, that seem to dominate our society today. We love having healthy options to review, and enjoyed getting to munch on these tasty little bites. Each Cloud Bite is about 20 percent of the size of a normal granola bar, making them the perfect 10mg snack. Enough that you get to enjoy actually eating the bite, but not such a large item that it feels like you are overeating to get high. We found that four to five of these spaced over an hour or so is perfect, and will turn any activity into a fun adventure.

The bars are made with rolled oats and brown rice cereal, along with chocolate chips, peanut butter, sugar and honey. Once infused, the taste is spectacular, with a light mouthfeel and a consistency that melts away into the mouth. The taste is minimally processed and feels so much healthier than the average brownie! ($35, 10 pk)


seagoat-score.jpgSeagoat Cannabis isn’t just infusing Cannabis into chocolate — they’re putting quality first. 

It’s a simple formula, but the rec marketplace is full of people who cut corners on their ingredients. That doesn’t fly at Seagoat, where a master chocolatier heads the production team using imported fair trade and single-origin Venezuelan chocolate. 

We tried the 61 percent dark chocolate mint squares (10mg THC) and the chocolate caramel bonbons. The squares were decadent with a light texture and a satisfying snap when bitten in half. The chocolate is dairy- and gluten-free and infused with CO2, and the only flavors are those of light mint and delicious dark chocolate. 

The only problem? Kinda hard to stop eating these dank treats, even when the upcoming high is looming. Try the squares in milk chocolate, white chocolate or regular dark chocolate form.

The Chocolate Bonbons are another delicious treat from Seagoat. Each piece of candy is hand-painted and the artisan detail and pride is evident in the candy. The bonbons have a crisp but light outer shell that breaks lightly when bitten to reveal a delicious caramel interior. 

The caramel oozes onto the palate and melds with the chocolate for a delicious bite. These are great one- or two-bite edibles and perfect as a treat any time of day. ($35, 10 pk)