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November 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

One of the most fundamental things you can do is take five minutes out of each week to call your representatives and let them know the future you want to see. By Matthew Meyers.


Some people will say it doesn’t matter if a product is safe. Prices will start to become the stronger determining factor for consumers over quality.

We are witnessing the same phenomenon in the burgeoning Oregon adult use Cannabis market.

matt-meyers-december-2017-quote1.jpgPeople today have less disposable income while dealing with higher costs of living, which means that all purchases are scrutinized for price rather than quality. This is okay in a market where the governing body regulates that product to ensure that even the cheapest products are safe for consumption.

It’s hard to tell without hardcore scientific research, but personally I worry that just like with our food systems, the regulatory bodies over Cannabis can be corrupted to allow substandard, unsafe products to enter the market.

When I discuss product safety with people, I often hear, “It wouldn’t be on the shelf if it wasn’t safe.” This is an assumption we make every day, but how common is it to also believe “I don’t trust the government very much.”

Although it’s easy to lose hope in our government these days, I truly believe that with enough focus we could improve what’s been degraded by a half century of Milton Friedman’s greed based economics.

I think we can all be united to work toward a better economic system than we have.

For those of you who believe you can’t change something that complex, remember the reality we are living now was created and imposed by our predecessors. We can always change our goals and direction as a nation. It’s hard to say exactly what needs to change, but I think the best start is to use the carrot. Incentivize small business development while focusing on closing loopholes constantly manipulated by large multi-nationals. They are inching ever closer to total monopoly.

I believe Cannabis will help lead a new organic revolution for other types of agriculture and, on a less literal level, help evolve a fairer economic system. No politician is going to do this on their own, the weight of progressing these solutions falls on every one of us!

Cannabis can act as a wonderful medicine to help us along the way, but we will have to do the heavy lifting. One of the most fundamental things you can do is take five minutes out of each week to call your representatives and let them know the future you want to see.

It’s critical to go out and engage with society and not be afraid to discuss Cannabis in a reasonable manner. We have a responsibility as Cannabis users to stand up and let others know how the plant has helped us.

Even with legal Cannabis sweeping across the nation, we still need to make sure we are doing the social work to educate others about Cannabis and why it’s important for it to be accepted in society.

The biggest issue facing us is economic stagnation combined with environmental degradation.


Unfortunately, the two are inextricably linked. It doesn’t matter what the product is if people only have the money to afford the cheapest of everything.

There will be a public health risk, making it harder for our society to progress. It wouldn’t be as big of a concern if the FDA seemed like it was on top of protecting us from potentially harmful products, but it doesn’t seem that way to me. Fifteen years after approving a product, the FDA will go back and admit that it might not be as safe as we thought.

People may believe this is due to the incompetence of regulators, the truth is more likely due to corruption. Corruption can be both explicit, making contributions in exchange for something, or implicit, and politicians are constantly reminded who put them in office when favors are needed.

We must put pressure on both regulators and producers. If you are a Cannabis cultivator, know that you are also critical to change. Please consider deeply what you feed and spray on your plants.