Sun, Feb 16, 2020

Here are some seed banks that provide reliable service, delivery guarantees, reasonable market prices, lots of freebies, and a massive variety of choices.


One of the hottest, most trendy developments in the ever expanding Cannabis market is a massive influx of “breeders.” I am talking about people who create Cannabis seeds. Anyone with a large social media following can begin classifying themselves as a breeder and start producing Cannabis seeds for masses. Some quick math reveals most of these individuals’ motivations: capturing that quick and easy dollar and capitalizing on a network and people’s ignorance.

Traditionally costs for the acquisitions of Cannabis seeds accounted for the limited availability, the time and expertise actual breeders put into creating and establishing lines as well as their questionable legal status. As the laws opened up, a deluge of clowns chucking pollen in their closet grow saw the potential, noted the acute lack experience of the average customer and went to “work” churning out $80 to $150 per pack seeds hoping to slip right in with the average cost to acquire desirable lines from real breeders. It worked brilliantly.

There are still people brand new to the experience of breeding Cannabis, taking well established, popular, elite and rare lines another breeder may have spent the majority of their life creating and crossing it with whatever hot new clone they have. In spite of massive instability issues, gender biases, germination problems and the like, people are so interested in ingraining themselves into the culture of that brand, they gleefully celebrate what many experienced testers would consider a wild failure. Posts like, “I only got two females out the pack of 12 but they are soooo fire!”In a pack you likely paid north of $100 for, you got only two females instead of six? How slim is your selection criteria? Would you need to snap 12 beans and get zero females to breach concern?

The only explanation I can think of for this behavior is the marvelous job of marketing, branding and instilling a cult-like following in large groups of random people who just want to play in the reindeer games. People are so programmed to believe that paying for the pack is a privilege and each seed is like their shortcut to becoming a master grower, they all but completely lose the ability to make a reasonable evaluation of the variety they acquired.

Today’s seed market is a massive conglomeration of the overseas seedbanks and local distributors who have opened up shop in the U.S. to take advantage of the increasingly tolerant Cannabis laws.

Overseas seedbanks are usually website storefronts set up in other countries around the world that do not criminalize nature. These are the longest established businesses around, and traditionally are where the majority of breeders turned for distribution solutions. In my experience, all those listed below have always provided reliable service, delivery guarantees, reasonable market prices, lots of freebies and a massive variety of choices. Many of the companies have developed stealth shipping methods that make it all but impossible for customs to catch.


Jacob Fine Premium Seed Club

Owned and operated by a world class, world travelled Cannabis breeder and connoisseur Jacob Fine offers a unique variety of some of the best genetics found anywhere on earth. The owner’s relentless pursuit to acquire the most exotic landraces for breeding has resulted in a pleasant combination of somewhat lesser known brands of international breeders who spend more time breeding and selecting than advertising and promoting alongside more recognized breeders who have been around the block.

Outstanding service, innovative packaging solutions, unique breeders and extensive testing of all the lines they carry are benchmarks of Jacob Fine Premium Seed Club.


Owned and operated by another cat who’s been around, I had the privilege of being one of the first members to learn about this site through one of my mentors who resides in the UK, where the company is based out of. Starting off with a very elite selection of breeders who traditionally had been difficult to access stock from, Cannazon has grown into a fairly large community of growers, breeders and enthusiasts as well as a bank with a massive number of available brands. Cannazon has emerged as a leading scorer to acquire the hottest new drops as well as some of the newer up-and-coming breeders’ work.

Lots of freebies, smart packaging that has never failed to be delivered expeditiously to me and from what I understand Cannazon even has a U.S. based distributor to ensure even more secure delivery.

Attitude Seed Bank

If you’ve heard of an international seed distributor, it’s likely Attitude. Getting your gear picked up by Attitude as a breeder used to be akin to getting your product into Wal-Mart. They really do have just about all the breeders out there and regularly update their stock as well as replenish it.In many ways they set the standard for market price, shipping options and variety of brands.While I may have been ordering from this UK based company without a single issue for more than seven years, they are easily the most popular traditionally and so I have also heard of their packages getting seized.

More of a function of the volume they deliver in my belief than anything else, they thrive and gain customer loyalty with awesome replacement policies and accommodation.


The massive number of new U.S. based seed creators who simply don’t have the connections, intelligence or perseverance to successfully create relationships with larger distribution channels, eventually got swept up. The circus on wheels, also known as the high crimes Cannabis craps, is able to turn out the sea of confused patrons by pumping up varieties of Cannabis that’s better than anything you’ve ever even thought of. It’s these super “strains” that have the “highest” THC that are more exclusive than an albino eggplant and provide instant passageway into the upper, upper echelons of Cannabis coolness as manufactured, defined and promoted by these powder tooting self-appointed aristocrats that creates the inflated and false sense of a need for seeds.

Giving false confidence and unqualified amounts of money to new pollen chuckers’ hands has only served to encourage them further. Fortunately there are a small handful of U.S. based souvenir Cannabis seed vendors that saw the need and invested in themselves and started cutting their teeth on the market as any wholesale distributor would. Each of the people reviewed in this article are people I have worked with and some of whom I have met personally.They have provided exceptional service, reliable results and great pricing on a huge variety of some of the most desirable lines.


Sour Patch Seed Bank

While it’s all fine and good to get reliable service, nowhere is a company able to demonstrate the true intention to the market then when the shit hits the fan.

I’m happy to say that my experience with Sour Patch left such a lasting impression on me that I still use the owner’s choices as the standard some three years after I had a hiccup. Jay Frost’s commitment to honesty, communication and resolution is unsurpassed in my mind.

Sour Patch does in fact stock some of the most highly sought after, rare beans around. It’s always nice to know when you send your hard earned dollars to acquire a pack that there’s a human on the other end committed above all else to make sure you get the pack you purchased, no matter what.

Neptune Seed Bank

I had some pretty complex questions about the lineages listed on the website and was quite impressed when I received a response to my inquiry into the seedbank from the breeder who created the line. I like this continuity. These people have no idea who I am, and could have easily just given me whatever simplistic answer would most likely result in my purchase of the gear. Instead I got an informed response and was able to speak with the breeder and be guided in fact to the parental lineage I was seeking.

Always reliable delivery and lots of high quality freebies, Neptune has an extensive selection of breeders and great specials and promotions as well.

Seed Here Now

I have met this team in person at a few different Cannabis Cup events and they have continued to responsibly grow and develop into a bank that offers a wide variety of diverse and desirable genetics. While I have only acquired from them in person, several of my friends have reported reliable and fast delivery.

Also boasting some of the most sought after breeders’ work, these guys distribute for several breeders that have very limited stock and therefore work with a limited number of channels.They have regular specials and promotions on many lines that are already very reasonably priced.


A few steps below high crime are the people who decide to try and resell High Times access for profit in the form of a seed auction site. Now there are in fact seed auction sites whose sole intention is to fundraise for different events and there’s even a few seasoned breeders who have been collecting and making seeds for more than ten years that make some of their back stock available in limited quantities for the collectors and connoisseurs who missed out. I am not talking about these sites.

There are people who go to Cannabis events with the specific intention of acquiring large amounts of what is clearly the most hyped and limited seeds that are exclusively dropping at the event for the purpose of reselling them to the highest bidder after the event is over.

You see, these people have expertise and skills developed in the areas of living close to the event and standing in lines while remaining hydrated at the same time. But for their noble sacrifice and highly coveted skills, they feel entitled to sell their newly acquired inventory, purchased at a retail price mind you, reflexive of the often outrageous booth costs, to anyone who will cover their reserve for the skills they are bringing to the table.

These sites are easy to spot too. The people who run them do not even operate from a place where this behavior is shameful. They deliberately advertise that they are interested in getting paid as much as the market will bear for their “time and gas,” although they have no issue in the same breath explaining how the reason they are even considering auctioning off the packs is due to their own error in over purchasing seeds at the event they were already attending. Logic so twisted they forgot to be embarrassed.

The thirst is so real though that some people are actually excited to pay three to four times the retail costs so they can have the pack, post about it and get some likes while gaining entry into the elite class of people who own things they think other people think are “kewl.”

Like so many interests, the market’s ability to accommodate and entice seed-aholics has done nothing but broaden and expand further to quench even the most elite appetites. My hope is that this overview and some of these recommendations allow you to connect with quality, reliable sources that support the ideas and ethos you hope to be funding with your dollars. If you have specific questions on acquiring seeds through any of the sites mentioned or are curious about others not mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact me!