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February 04, 2018 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Reviews of this month’s three strains of the month!


Break out of the winter blues with a little mahalo and a big rip of high CBD Alaskan Blueberry from the team at Pakalolo Supply Company.

The Pakalolo team grows Cannabis in the most organic way possible, using a no-till soil method, LED lighting and Korean natural farming practices. This means the soil is literally alive, never changed from crop to crop and fed through naturally derived nutrients with no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. It takes a ton of work and even more passion, but the end result is absolutely beautiful in every aspect.

Smoking any flower produced by Pakalolo delivers truly top shelf flavor and bag presence, and the Alaskan Blueberry doesn’t disappoint. The strain has been in the family for many years, but it wasn’t until recreational Cannabis testing that they realized it had a high CBD content.

Much more special than a normal high THC Blueberry, this Alaskan Blueberry blends the best of both worlds. A nearly 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, incredible flavor and a relaxing high make this strain a great choice.

The flower is completely coated in crystals by the time it hits shelves, liberally frosted and well cured for a perfect snap. With a light stickiness and a rich strong smell, cracking into a nugget is pure heaven. Alaskan Blueberry leads with musky and earthy tones punctuated by a sharp, bright fuel reminiscent of Chem or a true OG. Hiding behind those dominant smells is a perfect blueberry note, sweet and creamy, with a warming terpene profile that tickles the nose.

Smoking a bowl ignites richer blueberry flavors along with a general sweetness to the smoke that comes from the organic growing methods. Burning extremely clean with white ash, tokes of the Alaskan Blueberry are mild on cough and lightly expansive, filling the lungs and body with an amazing and uplifting high. The first effects are immediately calming, with a quick rush of body high that feels relaxing and amazing.

After a few tokes and a few minutes, a pleasant euphoria fills the mind melding well with a body high for a pain and anxiety free hybrid experience that leans slightly toward indica.

This strain is great for use any time of day and those with heavy pain will appreciate the mellow effects in the morning. Purely recreational users will find this strain works best in the afternoon or evening, a perfect nightcap that frees the mind and relaxes the body after a full day.

Check out this strain and more from Pakalolo Supply Co. and experience these unique growing methods for yourself!

Pakalolo Supply Co: 1851 Fox Avenue, Fairbanks


Astral OG is a powerful cross of 707 Headband and Platinum Girl Scout Cookie bred locally in Portland by Ten Four Farms.

The strain is named after Portland artist Astral OG signed to Burn Money Music and pronounced like the word astrology. This version is grown by Bobsled Farms, a mixed tier 2 farm located in north Portland with indoor, greenhouse and sun grown plots as they offer a wide range of quality. The nugs are deep purple in color and incredibly dense. The scent is gassy funk backed by the smell of sweet shortbread.

A grinder is necessary unless you want to spend the next 20 minutes breaking down buds and attempting to get resin off your fingers. Each joint burned smoothly and slowly as notes of each strain came through on the flavor. The taste leans slightly more toward sweet shortbread, with notes of OG funk on each hit — the effects side with the 707 Headband as this strain always leaves me incredibly motivated and focused. 18.93% THC

More information: @tenfourfarms


Cracking open a Mad Mark jar is like releasing a giant purple ape covered in trichomes that jumps out and slams into your nose with overwhelming force and massive sweet sugary notes.

Loud, furry and dripping with flavor, this Grape Ape is one of the tastiest strains on shelves in Washington. The team at Mad Mark Farms puts everything in glass, down to the grams, and we really enjoy their attention to detail and passion for great Cannabis.

Clocking in at 17 percent THC and 0.18 percent CBD, the Grape Ape is proof positive that test results don’t mean anything when it comes to quality, flavor and high. We’d take this hand-crafted bud over a 30 percent generic bud every day of the week. The flavor is key, and this strain smashes the senses like an ape.

A thick syrupy smell of grape juice and bright berries bursts out of the jar on first crack, filling the mind and room with the sweet smell of top-shelf weed. The buds are covered in crystals on every available surface.

Light and airy enough for any type of rolling, but with an underlying density that delivers a long lasting smoke, the first toke is all grape — with a sourdough finish reminiscent of fresh baked cherry tarts.

It’s sweet, but infinitely more complex when smoked, giving this killer strain a well-rounded palate pleasing flavor that is truly unique.

Effects land quickly, with waves of indica crashing around the body and mind. We enjoyed the relaxing effects that take away pain and stress, while keeping the mind clear enough for daytime activities. It’s a well-balanced strain, with a relaxed euphoric mental high that combines with pure physical bliss for a perfect high that’s equally great for day or night. / 17% THC

Mad Mark Farms
Instagram @MadMarkFarms

Available from Evergreen Market Locations
Local Roots Locations | The Green Door Seattle